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Untested GMO bananas to move directly to human experimentation

(NaturalNews) Human trials with a new genetically modified (GM) banana with artificial levels of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene are set to begin this fall without prior animal testing. 201 more words



There are around 7,500 tomato varieties grown for various purposes.

Tomato varieties are roughly divided into several categories, based mostly on shape and size.

  • “Slicing” or “globe” tomatoes are the usual tomatoes of commerce, used for a wide variety of processing and fresh eating.
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Biotin vs. Hairfinity + a little science and explanation on why they do or don't work!

Cutting off your hair… 

About four years ago I went Miley Cyrus and cut off all my hair. I looked like a boy and at the time I… 714 more words


Nigel's diet... why so much meat?

Thanks to Nigel there was an explosion of interest in my blog post last week – and with it, a lot of questions around including certain foods in my recommendations. 1,297 more words


Originally from China. Their skin color can range from cream to bright orange. They are often crossed with plums to provide pluots (mostly plum), plumcots (equal plum and apricot) and apriums (mostly apricot). 125 more words



Fall is just about here and that means that I’ll be stocking up on all of my favorite foods of the season! I not only enjoy them for their delicious tastes, but for their skin benefits as well. 200 more words