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Ingredient of the Month: Pumpkin

It’s the season of pumpkin-spiced everything, as most of us know. But contrary to popular thought, pumpkin spice does not equal pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin spice is actually just a mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and ginger. 425 more words

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Vitamins A & D (Vitamins Part III)

There are several vitamins that are fat-soluble (cannot dissolve in water). They include vitamins A, D, E & K, this post will discuss A & D whereas the following post will cover E & K. 733 more words


Wild & Precious : Low in Calorie!

Is pumpkin low in carbs? Can diabetics eat pumpkin?

Sure, why not? Pumpkin is chock-full of nutrients……. It is one of the best plant food in the world…….. 590 more words

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Vitamin A

Similar to many other people, I don’t keep track of the amount of vitamins and minerals I consume. Let’s be honest, we all look at nutrition labels for mostly caloric and fat content, or perhaps not even look at the label at all. 698 more words


Moisturize Your Skin!

Many moisturizer ingredients such as vitamin A and antioxidant known as effective treatment for reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & other signs of aging. Since I have a deeply dry skin, I am always looking for an effective moisturizer. 183 more words


Vitamin A Juga Penting untuk Meningkatkan Massa Otot

Sumber  : DuniaFitnes.com

Ketika berbicara tentang dietnya para bodybuilder maka yang terlintas di benak kita adalah makronutrien penting seperti protein, karbohidrat dan lemak.

Padahal kebutuhan mikronutrien seperti vitamin dan mineral juga tidak pernah ditinggalkan oleh para bodybuilder. 691 more words

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