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Water Melons For Beating Summer Heat

  Scorching summer is up and excessive heat can upset the body causing irritability, sleep problems, exhaustion, dehydration and lack of concentration. But food and drink have a major role, by helping your body maintain cool and healthy during summer.  133 more words

Food Facts And Issues

A Brief History of Essential Vitamins

Vitamins are no less than an elixir to our body and it is this reason why several vitamin and multivitamin supplements are being offered on market to fulfil their deficiency. 380 more words

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Simple, Scrumptious Sweet Potatoes

Baked, pies, or smashed, there is nothing more delightful than the sweet yet savory root vegetable known as the sweet potato.  This large, starchy root vegetable often makes its appearance in the fall and many Thanksgiving dinner tables in the Southeast, but these are one of the few… 268 more words


TOO FEW! - Detail #7 - Night Blindness

Nyctalopia (from Greek νύκτ-, nykt- “night”; αλαός, alaos “blind, not seeing”, and ὄψ, ops “eye”) also called “Night Blindness” is a condition making it difficult or impossible to see in relatively low light. 45 more words


Bạn có đang thiếu vitamin A?

Vitamin A không thể thiếu trong việc thúc đẩy tầm nhìn tốt, chức năng của hệ miễn dịch và thậm chí đảm bảo sức khỏe sinh sản (đặc biệt ở phụ nữ).  568 more words