Enkele gezondheidsmythes doorprikt

We groeien allemaal op met ideeën en gewoontes die ofwel van onze ouders hebben gekregen ofwel zelf hebben opgebouwd. En toch zijn er enkele gezondheidsmythes die wetenschappers ontkrachten. 283 more words


BodyLove Tip 5: AN APPLE A DAY

It’ so simple and so delicious:

An apple contains a lot of necessary vitamines (vitamine a, c, b, k etc), minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc) and fibers. 10 more words


BodyLove Tip 3: Drink your vitamines everyday

Smoothies are an easy way to get your daily vitamines in and they are delicious. 68 more words


Orange and Pomegranate Juice

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Isn’t Sunday just the best day to squeeze oranges and enjoy their vitamins? Especially when your health needs a bit a of a boost! 131 more words



The plant world contains a natural army of foods that are ready to fight — infections, that is! Getting a steady supply of the following foods helps you build up immunity so that, when that cold comes for you, you may be able to block it entirely — or, at the very least, not let it affect you as much. 959 more words


Baby Corn... No Thanks

Please excuse our poopies, mummy did clean the cage but we love to pop them out over here under our hutch!

Today Mummy got us some new food, but she keeps forgetting that we are happy just to eat the same things over and over!! 93 more words