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Knowing The Season Based on How Hot or Cold Your Workout Clothes Are


I finally made a batch of homemade vanilla soy  milk.  It’s been on my to do list for a few months, but I’ve been lazy.   1,278 more words

Fruit Smoothie #1: Grapes, Mandarin Orange, Banana, Pear, Chia Seeds, Kale

My wife has started to experiment with smoothies. Most Americans should eat more fruits; smoothies are one way to do that. Here’s one she made today. 248 more words


Banana Split Smoothie

This smoothie so reminds me of a real banana split.  I love the hint of dark chocolate mixed with the fruit.  I’m dreaming of our summer trips to the ice cream stand. 29 more words


Get Juiced: whole-food juicing & extraction juicing.

We could all use more fruits and veggies in our lives. And this is why I started juicing three years ago.

The Winnipeg juice scene has exploded with the arrival of… 604 more words


Blender Bev Day 2

Day 2

I felt thoroughly present and engaged with plenty of energy until bedtime yesterday.  I cannot state with accuracy that it is because I drank wonderful veggies besides eating them throughout the day, but I can say that it was the only noticeable difference. 219 more words


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Fudge Bars


So i’m sitting here listening to Christmas music and still can’t believe its only a few weeks away, actually only a couple of weeks…Yikes! I feel pretty good about it though, I have my mom’s present and Sean’s present just got ordered last night so I guess I’m half way done. 509 more words


Gingerbread Pumpkin Smoothie. what?

The weather has taken a turn towards Winter. Here in Santa Barbara we call that rain! Much needed rain. There is green sprouting up everywhere. And it looks like there’s more on it’s way. 345 more words

Chia Seeds