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Scotland's decided - a series of vaguely related thoughts

Across all social media and even in most company I’ve kept fairly quiet about my views on the Scottish vote on independence.  Much of this has been because I really didn’t know how I would have voted were it my country.   1,250 more words


horrible or amazing book?

i have read terrible things in the Bible. i have read beautiful things. it has been a strained relationship really, from my boredom and acceptance of the Bible as a child, my relentless questioning as a teenager, my rejection of it as an often objectionable fairy tale at 19, to my new decision to look at it again and see what i believe. 166 more words


Peeling Potatoes: The Peculiar Challenge of Teaching Teachers


A One-Armed Man in a Juggling Contest

I used to think that teaching kids under the age of ten was the most difficult thing a teacher could do. 1,026 more words


Smoking Can Be Good For You ...

I like the article here http://frank-davis.livejournal.com/7703.html from Frank Davis. It’s a common sense, reasonable argument, with sound advice – isn’t that what we want in any healthy debate. 38 more words


To the Intellectuals

I’m amazed at the level of condascension and tension prevalent in the debate between competing worldviews. Each side has become quite skilled at drawing the caricatures of their opponents. 843 more words

No, We Are Not Civilized. Or, Why the 21st Century is Still Stuck in the 12th (The Persistence of Middle-Ages Mentality in the Modern Age)

Hans Rosling has shown us that the world is getting better. We have by far the greatest proportion of humanity moving out of absolute poverty that we have ever had. 443 more words


Teachers: 11 Steps Towards Becoming a Recognized Professional (A Message From the SOTP)


Dear teachers

We are considering officially recognizing your vocation as a profession. We realize that you have all felt that what you do has always been a profession, but honestly, we at the Society of True Professionals have had some abiding concerns about the way you conduct yourselves on a day-to-day basis, and hence have withheld certification for a number of decades. 347 more words