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Honey or Blood

I’m constantly switching between
be kind
and take the higher road by forgiving them
burn all the bridges
and let them rot in their own filth and vitriol

Like Jack Layton's Passing, Jim Flaherty's Death Exposes the Worst Among Us

The Far Left Proves it can be just as shameful as the Far Right in Canada

By: James Di Fiore

When Jack Layton died his legacy was such that many people who did not share his politics felt the deep sadness one feels when a member of the family passes away. 388 more words

Canadian Politics

Let me tell you about the life cycle of a young director.

You were a weird kid. You didn’t try to be, you just never cracked the code of fitting in. One day you linger after school to haunt the halls for no reason. 1,835 more words


A Library in Review: March 2014

Paradise Lost

A few years back, I became really interested in the ideas of Lucifer as an anti-hero.  Most of the blame can probably fall squarely on Gaiman’s… 429 more words



pretty soon election time come & lying big mouth of robopath politician open up wide & spew out many attack & vitriol & bs & 1/2 truth and etc. 122 more words


What's That Stink? (A Review of Microsoft's Word, Excel & PowerPoint Apps for the iPad)

I don't generally do app reviews, but then a ripe reek wafted my way from the iPad App Store. And it came from the top of the free apps section. 596 more words


Vaccinations aka. Can we innoculate people against vitriol?

A Facebook friend posted the other day a Mother Jones article entitled Study: You Can’t Change an Anti-Vaxxer’s Mind. The incredibly obnoxious headline notwithstanding I decided to read the article. 1,911 more words