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Constipation in baby

This week started pretty bumpy because Vivian was having constipation.
I would like to share this in my blog to hopefully I could help other moms that experiencing the same problem with me. 668 more words

Simon Says

Unlike other labs that Sharon had been in previously, Yardley’s was spacious and privileged enough to occupy the entire floor of the building. The main lab space consisted of at least 4 benches and past a couple of swivel doors there was a storage room, a room for freezers, a microscope room and a sterile cell culture room. 1,480 more words


Back to work on Vivian

I picked up my knitting again recently as I had put it away for the summer. It’s hard to think about a pile of wool on your lap when it’s warm out. 110 more words



The next morning, Sharon reluctantly dragged herself to university. There was something about today that did not sit right with her, something foreboding or an eerie portent, but she could not quite put her finger to it. 1,000 more words


Where, oh, where did I go?

As you may have noticed, I did not peep a single peep during November & in fact, went on a bit of a break. Why? Because I missed, like, all of October football (it felt like) and I was NOT going to miss the last month of college ball & the NFL teams run for the SB. 99 more words


Coincidence? I Think Not

It has been raining for the last few days. Everywhere you’ll see people, couples, or friends huddling together under a small umbrella trying hard not to get soaked from the rain and there are┬áthose people who walk in the rain simply giving no care to the world, as if getting wet is the last thing on their list to get angry about. 396 more words

Two Lovers

It was at the defense of Muriumburg they met
It was a new beginning to which they eagerly sped
Who would have known then the universe had it set… 231 more words