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Australia: An unexpected and lazy day, b*tch

Since we’d gone to bed around five that morning after spending most of the night at the fetish club Vivian and I slept in late. 928 more words


New Therapy Team

Since our ACC claim was accepted, we now have another team of specialists to work with Vivian.

So in addition to the Champion Centre team, we now have another group of folks from… 596 more words


Rayzor's Failed Romances: Vivian had one thing going for her

Yeah, 17 years later and I still remember, I had a slight crusg on a girl named Vivian.  This was maybe junior or senior year of high school, so we’re talking 1997ish. 205 more words

Rayzor's Romances

That's what friends are for

This is one of my closest friends relaxing by the fire after our run. Vivian, who my family affectionately calls Viv and GoKart (due to her bewitching hour where she dashes around madly as if in pursuit of an invisible toy) is such a loyal companion while running. 315 more words

Intake and Outtakes

Vivian has been doing well. We are still focusing on upping her intake, so this post is mostly about that (and her output, which you probably aren’t interested in knowing about, but the two go hand in hand, you see). 1,164 more words