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Why? Why Did I Eat These Cakes?

…Because it was a dream!

For a brief minute after waking up this morning I felt so vividly that I had binged on junk food… 262 more words


The Therapist

I went back. I don’t know why but I went back. The sun had gone down and everyone in town was sound asleep. I don’t know what I was feeling at that moment, but I remember her office window being unlocked so all I had to do was slide it open. 502 more words

Plot dreams?

Just woke from some absolutely vivid dreams. Most of it is scattering to the winds of waking up ask we speak, but I remember something about a school, climbing to the top floor, and stumbling on the private quarters of the castle rulers. 175 more words

Writing About Writing

A psychopathic psychic old lady, a baby snatching shark; and me, a tv presenter!

Yes, last night my imagination was on full throttle as the weird dreams and nightmares circled.  So I thought i’d share them on here, well , as much as I can remember.  311 more words

Life In General

Joan Murray

I am devoted to the obscure, the forgotten, and the mislaid. When I learned of this forgotten poet called Joan Murray in Poetry (February 2014 issue), I decided to track her down. 221 more words

I've Learned Life Will Give You Warnings

One of the things I have noticed lately about my life is that occasionally I will be given warning signs into whether a decision I made or am going to make is either a good choice or a bad choice for me. 1,358 more words

Weekly Forecast for March 17th through the 21st

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!  First off, Mercury is going back into the sign of Pisces for the next 30 days.  Your dreams could be more vivid than usual and your intuition is going to be stronger than normal.   107 more words