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Crazy dreams and POAS

Had more crazy ass dreams last night, luckily I can’t remember the details of most of them. I know some were about lacking a proper job, being scared of being pregnant with multiples, and then after peering in a cup for my morning ritual around 5am I had a good one. 413 more words

Neon Wishes and Strawberry Dreams

Shortly after Superman and I began seeing each other, I began dreaming of strawberries.  I have always had very vivid dreams, and it’s not unusual for me to dream of food.  1,861 more words

2nd Quarter

The Honey Badger

The subconscious remembers things that we would rather forget. You know those dreams where you wake up and think, my goodness, that was so real? Some memories are so buried that, driving down the street, I’d have a hard time recalling them. 230 more words

Emotional Crap

What's "okay" feel like, anyway?

So when does a cautious sense of almost-rightness turn into “feeling okay”?

Good news this week, I guess: I’m up to full dose on the new med, and no freaky or debilitating side effects. 223 more words



Woah, the interface changed.
Oh, no… Changes !

I’ve been going out…
To the bank and to get food.
I had no option.
But at least I’m exiting the room. 356 more words