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We shall overcome...

A week after the devastating cyclone Hudhud  hit Visakhapatnam, India at 230 kmph, the city lives on. A glimpse at the true grit of the people- citizens, relief workers, army and the government. 73 more words

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When the beauty turns beast!! Oh Nature you are an enigma....

From what I have heard, sitting on the beautiful Vizag beach in the morning and watching the sun rise slowly over the horizon is a picture straight out of the best sunset places in the world collection. 395 more words

Hudhud and later

A number of catastrophes seem to be happening one after the other. The floods in Jammu and Kashmir, the floods in North-east and now Hudhud in Andhra and Odisha. 584 more words


Pointed Questions to CBN on Readiness and Response to #HudHud

Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu

Q1: Is this not the chronology of Cyclone #HudHud

Hudhud and social media's social impact

Of late, I have been really caught up with work (Sleepless nights and days). But, since I now work with the government, I got the opportunity to do my little in helping victims of Cyclone Hudhud. 226 more words

Cyclone: A Nature's Fury

As you are reading this blog post, the recent edition of Cyclone in INDIA popularly known as HUDHUD has already passed INDIA’s east coast and has done the damage for which it was destined for. 390 more words


Cyclone Hudhud causes heavy damage to the east coast; Visakhapatnam badly effected

The cyclone over the Bay of Bengal, named Hudhud, has wrecked the Indian east coast and has caused much damage to property and infrastructure. Thanks to early warning and timely evacuation of thousands of people , the death toll has been relatively low. 93 more words

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