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Across Transylvania like the wind

Romania is a curious place. Evidence of its EU membership is rarely apparent outside Bucharest; even motorways are thin on the ground. Instead, dual carriageways with liberal sprinklings of potholes snake through small towns and villages, and people sell apples, cheese, honey, brandy and other homegrown/homemade/home-brewed goodies on the roadside. 666 more words


Dracula Untold Review



 Deriving from shadowy legends of monsters and made infamous by Irish author Bram Stoker, Vlad the Impaler or, his more common name, Dracula has risen and fallen time and time again in the world of movies and films. 857 more words


Your Dose of Seuss: On Vlad

“’Horton, the kangaroo has sent Vlad!’
‘Vlad? I know two Vlads. One is a cute little bunny that brings me cookies. The other is bad Vlad.

17 more words

Bram Stoker, Dracula and Vlad: The Not-So Trifecta

As Halloween draws closer, it becomes more and more evident that this is the prime time of year for all things Gothic and I love… 503 more words


Dracula Untold

When the Sultan demands young Transylvanian boys for his army, Vlad Tepes resists. But he is forced into a dangerous alliance with an unholy force to protect his family and people. 582 more words


#20 Dracula Day!! - A Fang biting Holiday

Happy Dracula Day & Birthday to Bela Lugosi!

I’ve made a separate page on

Bela Lugosi and Dracula day

Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was based on the 15th century Romanian Prince Vlad Tepes also known as Vlad the Impaler and Dracula as Son of the Dragon.   1,279 more words


Movie Mash Monday: Dracula Untold

Set in the medieval 1460’s, Prince Vlad the Implaer of Wallachia and his people are threatened by the impending forces of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed III. In order to overcome such an immense army and save his lands, he must look for a greater force to overcome them. 407 more words