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Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov [Book Thoughts]

Pnin is a neat little trick; short and deep, sly and funny, just a touch of brilliance. Perhaps it’s unfair to compare it to Nabokov’s best because  509 more words

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Reading Nabokov's Mary

You think that summer will last forever. That you will walk out every night together in the wind and the sun on the hill in that peaceful village. 291 more words

Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle - Vladimir Nabokov

I find it essential to take a break from favorite authors. A nice interim to relish or forget their previous work. Inevitably, tidbits of information will bubble up and thus, a temptation to examine further literary arises. 1,150 more words




Ada yang gak tahu novel Best Seller sepanjang masa ini? Novel yang udah dicetak berkali-kali di dunia dan dengan cover yang berbeda-beda pula. Kebetulan pas aku beli 2012 silam dapatnya cover yang gini. 539 more words



La premisa por todos conocida: un hombre mayor enamorado de una niña, lo cual se traduce en pederastia. Resulta que el hombre ni era tan mayor y la niña no era tan niña, aunque eso no le quita lo inmoral. 55 more words


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First, a warning.

Don’t stand/sit so close to me. No, not in the Sting kind of way. Not because I’m like the old man in that book by Nabokov e.g. 599 more words


"Decent of you to allow that I may be a real person after all"

Catherine Storr’s novel Marianne Dreams is a story about a girl whose drawings have the ability to direct her dreams – and whose dreams in turn have the ability to direct real life, though they do so in obscure and unpredictable ways. 2,220 more words