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How To: Fix the sound volume issues in VLC Media Player

Yeah, another quick post on how to work out the dynamic audio compression settings in VLC. By default, you get these awkward moments when you go to sleep, put on a boring movie and set the volume just right so that it’s kind of soft, yet any dialogue is still just a bit more than perceptible and then slowly your reality is mixing with the movie and you’re out. 636 more words


Microsoft addresses its misleading app problem by purging 1500 knockoff apps from the Windows Store

Ever try to download Candy Crush Saga on Windows Phone? You were most likely greeted by a few apps that claimed they were the gaming hit by King, but they’re actually knockoffs meant to fool people for profit. 231 more words

Time for a stand alone VLC player hardware a.k.a music player

I am Surprised by people selling music player that does not give  complete brawn equivalent of VLC media player. I was in search of a device that plays the “Glenn Gould meets Yehudi Menuhin” that I have in flac. 221 more words

Streaming Video With VLC.

This is pretty cool.

And since I followed along on my own machine I can confirm that it works. Even for me, although all my decrepit antique of a Quickcam picked up was a square of black until I pointed it directly at a light source. 29 more words


VLC on CentOS - Installation


Time was one would have to search around to find Video and Audio codec files to play videos on a personal computer.  But, like Mase and Brandy “ 1,192 more words


How To Use VLC?

 “It Plays Everything”

VLC, a software that plays audio and video files says that. Promised to play any audio and video formats. Until now, I’m not disappointed. 74 more words

By Mikel Dumlao

Phonon + GStreamer + VLC 4.8 Beta

Today in Randa: Phonon 4.8 Beta got released, making the GStreamer backend use the GStreamer1 API and improving robustness in all parts of Phonon. 56 more words