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Blogging Vs. Vlogging

Hey there internet!
How have you been?
Today is blog vs vlog,
Really if you think about it it really Isn’t that different.
I do both, i Blog and i make Video blogs. 46 more words

Incredibly late mini-vlog

Hello! Enjoy a small snippet of my weekend in Almuñécar with my friends.  Sorry about the lack of vlogs, things got crazy with traveling and such.   73 more words




Having trouble figuring out how to wipe your tush? Worry no more as Cameron and Andrew give you the low down on techniques, tips and the dangers while wiping your gluteus maximus. 90 more words


Transgender Day of Rememberance: 20th November 2014

I wanted to share this video by a vlogger that I follow where he talks about transgender mental health and how we need to be aware that transitioning (whatever that means to each individual person) won’t necessarily get rid of all mental health issues. Food for thought…


My First Vlog - What's On My Face

So recently I decided to take the plunge onto YouTube. Although when I made this decision I didn’t realise how much effort, persistence and patients it took. 45 more words


Mystery Drama Greenscreen Presents: EXPLOSIONS!

This was another one of those videos that seemed hilarious when I first thought of it and then, as I filmed and edited it, I realized nope, just weird.