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Tower of Ignorance

Have you ever heard of, The Fault in Our Stars? It’s a wonderful book written by the equally wonderful, John Green. What he is also known before though is his YouTube channel, … 456 more words


Blogging vs Vlogging

We all know what blogging is – heck, what is it that I’m doing right here?

But what about vlogging? Have you heard the term before? 589 more words


Who needs Political Correctness (when you can be a jerk)?

There is nothing that is reviled as much these days as the concept of Political correctness. You would think that there are enough things to hate in the world such a greed, ignorance, the fact that not everyone gets access to medicine, or that people use the term ‘Soccer’ to describe football (while calling a game where they use their hands football!!!). 824 more words


BOOK REVIEW: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Title: An Abundance of Katherine’s

Author: John Green

Release date: September 21 2006

Pages: 256

Summary: Colin Singleton has dated 19 girls with the first name Katherine and he just got dumped by the 19th Katherine. 707 more words


Post-Learning Celebration - MORE LEARNING

Hey Debs!


80% on both classes.  Distinctions for everyone!  HOORAY!

Now that I’m finished with my exams, I can spend some time relaxing, working on my own personal projects and engaging in the delicious frivolity of the Internet! 142 more words


Ancient Songs

Okay, this is relatively old news in internet standards, but I just love this post on youtube made by Hank Green of Vlogbrothers on the oldest known, song that we have in completion. 166 more words


The Sexuality Spectrum


This concept of sexuality as a spectrum was something I first came across in the summer between college and university. For me this was huge. 276 more words