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An Abundance of Katherines

By John Green
“We’re really boring.”
“You’re not boring. You’ve got to stop saying that, or people will start believing you.”

Occasionally, when reading decades-old classics and New York Times best-sellers, it’s easy to find oneself disappointed by all the hype.   510 more words

Full Of Fiction

An extended “About Me”

In 2013, I graduated from University of Twente with a MSc in Communication Studies and a specialization in New Media. In a nutshell, this is a degree about how people use new information and communication technologies in different settings and for different purposes, and what that use implies (from why people use them to what happens after they do). 932 more words


30 Day Book Challenge // 13

A book that disappointed you.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

I need to say this first. I like John Green. I like the vlogbrothers. 105 more words


My Car Didn't Break Down

Hey Gang,

Today I’m gonna talk about lots of things that stay the same, or at least continue to function. This may not be the best day for you, but I hope that you can remember a day like the one(s) I’m about to share. 300 more words

Free Write

My thoughts on: Paper Towns by John Green

What’s the fuss?

I did not like this at all. As a matter of fact, I hated this book.

It’s no secret that everyone loves… 358 more words

My Thoughts On

Quote of the Day

“Am I crazy? Or am I the sanest person in the room? I’m the only person in the room.” – John Green

Quote Of The Day

Vlogbrothers Bring "Crash Course" Videos to PBS Digital Studios

Unless you’ve spent time in a high school classroom recently, you’ve probably never seen a “Crash Course” video.

These irreverent and fast-paced educational clips tackle a variety of topics, such as the 13.8 billion-year history of the universe, or the fading American Dream as depicted by F. 523 more words