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#23 - Ride the Bulldog

Yes, Hank agrees with me and he explained why “Everyone Poops in My Pants” is funnier than the alternative. I thought it wasn’t possible to explain it, but alas, Hank and his brilliant scientific mind has proved otherwise. 7 more words


#22 - Poop...in My Pants

As the title suggests, I think that “Poop in My Pants” is a lot funnier than “Poop in Your Pants.” It’s funnier because…well, if I explain why I think it’s funnier, then it’ll lose its funnyness. 21 more words


#21 - Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

LOL. Song of the year! Well, maybe best song of 2007! Also, the guy on the left totally looks like an older Harry Potter. I could have said an older Daniel Radcliffe, but no, Harry Potter is real! Right? Right?


Monday Paper: Back to School 2014 Edition!

It’s that time of year again!  The click-click of mechanical pencils, the weight of binders, filled to the brim with bright white (college ruled) notebook paper, the faint buzzing sound of someone who forgot to silence their phone during class…. 748 more words


"Food Is Weird": A little bit about agriculture in the developing world

Hi there.

Just stopped by to share with you guys this really funny and informative video about agriculture in Ethiopia. It’s by the one and only  173 more words

Favorites: YouTube Personalities

Today I want to debut a new series on the blog called “Favorites”.

What I aim to do with this series is to showcase things that I might not otherwise talk about but I really love and enjoy. 452 more words

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#20 - Ambrosia

Ha! I love the Harry Potter nod. Also, I absolutely love The Office. Although I must say that after Steve Carrell left, I stopped watching it. 41 more words