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Just Be You...Everyone Else is Taken

It’s taken me a long time to be able to formulate my thoughts on this topic. Mainly because I didn’t want to offend anyone on the Internet (but it’s the Internet so I probably still will). 1,058 more words

Information Communities

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Information communities ranges from many different types from academic to geographical to special interests. According to Durrance, information communities is defined as “constituencies united by a common interest in building and increasing access to a set of dynamic, linked, and varying information resources” (citied in Fisher, Unruh, & Durrance, 2003)  Essentially, informational communities are groups that have a common characteristic, be it age, ethnicity, interest, geographical area, professions, etc. 409 more words


The Fault in Our Hopes of this movie.

Yes, this is about the “wonderful” book that John Green wrote. I loved the book. I thought it was fantastic. It actually showed how screwed up cancer is and how it can change how people perceive you, as a cancer patient. 250 more words

Max Vlogs: Why I wear 'boy' jeans


And here we have what will hopefully be a number of vlogs. I’m planning on doing some science videos, and sensory videos, and maybe some more vlogs. Thoughts?

Fault in Our Stars Author & Bill Gates talk vaccines

Youtuber and author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, spoke with Bill Gates about the power of vaccines on poverty in Ethiopia.

Green visited Ethiopia recently to learn more about healthcare improvements to lower disease and childhood mortality. 208 more words

Social Change

Wide World of Web Video

In case you weren’t aware, the Streamy Awards are tonight. It’s perfectly OK if you didn’t know, as it’s only in its 4th incarnation and airs on the Internet. 619 more words


Busy Newsy ...Stuff

I have been incredibly lazy today, I admit it. Well, I guess I made a cake:

It’s my homespun version of Mary Berry’s Tiramisu Layer Cake, which I saw them making on the wonderful and delightful Great British Bake-Off. 425 more words