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Disk Controller features and Queue Depth?

Good post by Duncan Epping (thank you)

I have been working on various VSAN configurations and a question that always comes up is what are my disk controller features and queue depth for controller X? 61 more words


Hyperconvergence is a lazy ideal

Post by Andy Warfield (thank you) – also have a look on the comments

This blog post has generated a bunch of attention over the past few days. 61 more words


Nutanix 4.0 Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication Explained

Post by Andre Leibovici (thank you)

Nutanix is a distributed scale-out 3-tier platform, utilizing RAM, Flash and HDD. This combination provides access to constantly accessed data in terms of microseconds; instead of milliseconds when exclusively flash devices are used. 51 more words


Software Defined Storage - Hype or the Future?

If you have a twitter account, or read any of VMware’s press releases, or any of the technical blogs, you have to know by now, VMware is back in the storage business with a vengeance.   796 more words


Large number of companies deploying cloud-based services

Large number of companies are deploying cloud-based services and promise to recruit relevant talent

Cloud Computing is an important business tool in most IT services companies. 549 more words



VMware related offers of the week – be quick! Just another quick post to bring to your attention a couple of offers that might be of use to fellow virtualisation professionals. 145 more words


VMware Offers Disaster Recovery As A Service

Post by Charles Babcock (thank you)

VMware disaster recovery service lets customers automatically replicate business systems and data in one of VMware’s five vCloud Hybrid Service datacenters. 50 more words