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VCAP-DTA Consolidated Study Guide 1.4 Available

I did promise on Twitter last week that once I’d got the exam out of the way, I’d take the study notes I’d written so far and put them into one document for easier (and offline) reading. 141 more words



VCAP-DTA Exam Experience

As most regular readers will know, I sat the VCAP-DTA exam last Friday. The short version is I failed. Only by a few points, but first is first and second is nowhere, as they say. 580 more words


Horizon View 6.0 Part 4–Active Directory Configuration

When you build a Horizon View environment, the virtual desktops that users connect to run Windows. The servers that provide the virtual desktop infrastructure services run on Windows. 972 more words

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VCAP-DTA Section 8 – Secure a View Implementation

Objective 8.1 – Configure and Deploy Certificates

Section 8 assumes we now have a fully upgraded and working View 5.2 pod and end users are happy as we’ve sorted out their clients. 3,272 more words



VCAP-DTA Section 7 – Configure and Optimize View Endpoints

Objective 7.1 – Perform View Client Installations

  • Perform manual installation for desktop clients – I don’t think I’m stretching it by saying that I don’t think you’ll be asked to install the client to an Android or iOS device during the exam (after all, how can the moderators check that?).
  • 909 more words

View Composer - issues when migrating DB; and changing the ODBC DSN Password

We had a requirement to migrate the View Composer database from Server1 to Server2. This is not moving the Composer service, just the database.

Well that should be pretty straight forward you would think, stop the Composer service, backup the database on Server1, restore the database onto Server2, change the ODBC details on Server1 to point to the restored database on Server2, restart the Composer service on Server1. 478 more words

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VCAP-DTA Objective 6.3 – Analyze PCoIP Metrics for Performance Optimization

Skills and abilities being tested :-

  • Interpret PCoIP WMI counters – When you install the View Agent on a virtual desktop, additional WMI (Windows Management Interface) counters are added to the Windows virtual desktop.
  • 439 more words