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Configuring vCenter Orchestrator Appliance for High Availability

This is the third post in my series for building a fully distributed vCloud Automation Center deployment. In this post, we’ll configure vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) for High Availability using two nodes and an vCloud Networking and Security Edge Gateway as a Load Balancer.   1,986 more words

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Add all Virtual Machines in a DataStore to vCenter Inventory

There are situations when you have VMs on disk, but vCenter does not know about them – i.e. they are not in the inventory. While it is fairly easy to add a single machine to the inventory, doing so for dozens or hundreds or VMs is too tedious to do manually. 202 more words

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PowerCLI: Upgrade VMs to New Tools and Hardware Level Version

This is a powershell/powercli script which upgrades VMs to the latest level of VMware Tools and to hardware level 7.

The script works in phases: 1,408 more words

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How to Downgrade VMware Virtual Machine Hardware Version

This post is going to quickly explain you with the different procedures to downgrade your Virtual Machine Hardware Version from vmx-10 (VM Hardware Version 10) to vmx-9 (VM hardware version 9). 483 more words

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Installing vCenter Server 5.1 on Windows Server 2012

Currently, vCenter Server 5.1 is not supported on Windows Server 2012. Trying to install usually results in several errors, but they can be resolved with some workarounds and things to consider. 184 more words

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How to Install drivers for ESXi for FusionIO IODrive2

First you need to download the drivers from https://support.fusionio.com/downloads , you will need to register to access the support website.

Once you login you need to click the Downloads button and you will see the “Identify Product” section appear similar to the below. 428 more words

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Configuring the Network Dump Collector service in VMware vCenter Server 5.x


This article provides methods for configuring the network coredump collector services in vSphere 5.x. For more general information on the Network Dump Collection feature, see… 733 more words

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