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Implementing Cisco OTV...

…written from the perspective of a Virtualization Engineer.  A very special thanks to Networking Guru @cjordanVA for being a key contributor on this post.

Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), which is a Cisco feature that was released in 2010, can be used to extend Layer 2 traffic between distributed data centers.   547 more words


VirtualCenter Server service fails to start with an Error code 2

Ran into this when upgrading Windows vCenter to 5.1 Update 1A

In my case, the change worked but it did in fact require a reboot after editing the host file and removing the entries. 385 more words

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Upgrading HP Virtual Connect VC 4.10 and Onboard Administrator OA 4.12

HP has released new versions of their chassis firmware which includes release 4.10 of the Virtual Connect (VC) firmware and release 4.01 of the Onboard Administrator (OA). 344 more words

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Unable to upgrade existing VMware Tools

I recently ran into an issues when trying to upgrade VMware tools on a couple of my test virtual machines. After doing some researching into the issue it seems there can be many reason why VMware tools fails to upgrade but here is the steps I executed to resolve my own issues. 334 more words

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Setting up your first VM - Creating the virtual machine

Now that we’ve set up a new datastore we’re ready to deploy our first virtual machine. In this tutorial we’re going to be configuring and deploying a Windows Server 2008R2 virtual appliance, but the steps are the same regardless of the operating system you choose.


Configuring your ESXI host - Setting up a datastore

Now that we have the vSphere client up and running we need to configure our ESXi host and set up some virtual machines. In this tutorial we’re going to go over the first step in the configuration process, setting up a new datastore.


Installing the vSphere client - First steps

Now that we’ve set up out first ESXi host, we’re going to need a tool to actually manage the host. In this short tutorial we’re going to cover setting up the vSphere client and connecting to our ESXi host.