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HowTo: troubleshoot and fix VmWare ESXi boot stuck at 'loading ipmi_si_drv'

The first post that urged me to write a new blog because of several hours of head banging against wall, scratching my hair and relentlessly typing on keyboard with random hits as if i caught up on some shockwave. 213 more words


Building Vagrant Boxes with Nested VMs using Packer

In “Improving Developer Productivity with Vagrant” I discussed the productivity benefits gained from using Vagrant in our software development tool chain. Here are some more details about the mechanics of how we created those Vagrant boxes as part of every build of our product. 641 more words


VMware update breaks the NetScaler VPX

VMware recently released updates to both ESX 5.1 and 5.5 that cause the NetScaler VPX to lose networking.

ESX 5.1 EP5 and ESX 5.5 Update 2 both cause the issue. 117 more words

Monitoring VMs FTW!

Recently I had to help figure out why some customers have been getting slow performance with VMs.  Reservations were used but didn’t help.  What did I do to find the issue?   408 more words


Hadoop Cluster on VMware ESX server with Ambari and Spark

I am sure some of us wanted to experience Hadoop in a true cluster, not just limiting to a pseudo cluster (aka, single node).  I played a bit with other distributions in the past, including PHD and CDH. 322 more words


Automatic Backup of VMs Migrated by SRM

Post by Jeff Hunter (thank you)

A question came across my desk a few days ago around being able to automatically back up VMs that have been migrated by… 96 more words