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Manually disable vmreplica state (unable to extend disk)

Just ran into an issue with a VMware VM that was at one time replicated offsite using VMware’s replication tool. For some reason, when the service was decomissioned, (at least) one of our VMs was still marked as a replicated machine. 125 more words


Pure Storage Plugin for the vSphere Web Client Firewall Requirements

This is a question that has come up quite often and I have blogged about this for several different products in the past. What Firewall rules do I need to create to install and use the Pure Storage Plugin for the vSphere Web Client? 454 more words


PowerCLI - How do I use it?

 PowerCLI is an incredible tool that you can use to automate many of your operational procedures, particularly useful if you are constrained by budget and you are competent in scripting with Windows PowerShell.  1,073 more words



VCAP-DTA Consolidated Study Guide 1.4 Available

I did promise on Twitter last week that once I’d got the exam out of the way, I’d take the study notes I’d written so far and put them into one document for easier (and offline) reading. 141 more words


System Administrator

Position: System Administrator

Company: Perion

Location: Ness Ziona


The system administrator will be a member of the Corporate IT System Team. He/she will be responsible for provisioning, installing and configuring servers, storage and network equipment. 93 more words

What is a NIC (Network Interface Card)?

A NIC (Network Interface Card) does just as its name intended, connects the computer to the network. The NIC is usually an add-on for the expansion bus of the motherboard but its low cost and high popularity has moved the NIC from an add-on card to be part of the system. 365 more words


Overcome Cloud BDR Fears Once and For All

No matter how hard you try to persuade some customers that backing up their data to the cloud is a wise decision and you can help them do it at an affordable price, you’re still going to run into fear-based objections. 290 more words

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