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パブリックからオンプレミス・クラウドへ:ヴイエムウェアの日本戦略を追う [ #cbajp ]

今年もシリコンバレーで「秋の展示会シーズン」が始まった。この時期、インテルやオラクル、セールスフォースなど大手IT企業が次々とプライベート・ショーを開催する。ここ数年、こうした展示会では米国で急速に広がっているクラウドやモバイル・ビジネスの戦略発表が繰り広げられる。今回はシーズンのトップを切って開催されたVMware(ヴイエムウェア)社の「VMworld 2014」を見ながら、昨今注目を浴びるオンプレミス・クラウドを追ってみたい。



Home lab (part 2): network setup

Here’s a standard home network.  One external IP and one LAN.

To create a home lab without disturbing the peace, I needed to add an additional private network (two LANs), like this: 164 more words


VMworld 2014 Announcement: EVO: Rail

One of the biggest announcements last week at VMworld was the launch of EVO: RAIL, a new hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA).  VMware is definitely not getting in the hardware game, but will rely on hardware partners such as EMC, Dell, Fujitsu, etc to carry the torch. 222 more words


Licensing an ESXi 5.5 host

Licensing a standalone ESXi host

  1. To license a standalone ESXi 5.x (vSphere Hypervisor):
  2. Log in to the ESXi host using vSphere Client.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. 67 more words

Best VMware VCP550 exam questions and answers (101-110)

Which information does the CPU Ready counter provide to a vSphere administrator?

A. The virtual machine has requested CPU time, but the VMkernel cannot schedule the virtual CPU on… 774 more words

VCP550 Dumps

VMWare Host Failures and Detection

Before reading this post, it is recommended to read this article, which will give you an idea on what HA is.

Types of host failures: 349 more words


VMWare High Availability

HA (High Availability), as the name implies is a feature to protect the hosts and its virtual machines from unplanned downtime. Else, HA minimizes downtime. Though by definition it is simple, this has got a number of process to get this done in a very effective way. 268 more words