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Unable to start Mac OS X VM's on ESXi Host after uploading from VMWare Fusion 7

In my previous post, I talked about using a MacMini as an ESXi host. This has been pretty common place for a while and there are lots of great blogs already out there about it. 402 more words

Manually Using SYSPREP in Windows 2012 VMs and Templates

Recently, on a professional services engagement, we encountered a situation, where the Customization Wizard was failing to successfully apply SYSPREP to Windows 2012 Servers.  Because our main objective and my time was focused on other areas, we could not take time to resolve the underlying the root cause, so we needed a work-around.   272 more words


Notes from #NTAPInsight 2014

After a partial week at NetApp 2014 Insight US, here are my thoughts:

(full disclosure:  I was a presenter of one session at the conference) 371 more words


トレンドマイクロ、VMware NSXとの連携に対応した「Deep Security」 [ #cbajp ]

トレンドマイクロ株式会社は30日、サーバーセキュリティ対策製品「Trend Micro Deep Security」において、新版「同 9.5」を2015年1月7日より受注開始すると発表した。ヴイエムウェアの製品・サービスとの連携機能が大幅に強化されている。



Enable EVC on an Existing Cluster

When you  tried to enable EVC mode on an existing cluster you might see the below error:

Virtual Machines uses more CPU features when you disable EVC mode on a cluster . 286 more words


明治安田生命、VMwareのコンサルと製品活用でプライベートクラウド構築 [ #cbajp ]

ヴイエムウェアは10月29日、明治安田生命保険がヴイエムウェアのコンサルティング サービス「VMware Accelerate アドバイザリーサービス」を活用するとともに、「VMware vCloud Suite」を導入して、従業員の約3万7000人が利用するプライベートクラウド基盤「MYクラウド」を構築したことを発表した。



EMC cloud really isn't all about EMC hardware, says EMC product chief

Skeptics and smart asses (raising hand here) contend that any cloud delivered by a hardware provider is immediately suspect because it’s just a way for that vendor to sell more of that aforementioned hardware. 431 more words