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In order to survive in the fashion industry, you really need to have fashion terminology down. If you are in an interview and they ask you to convert W.S. 196 more words


[#21] This is Buenos Aires (II)

This time we will continue analyzing the video from our previous entry. We have already discussed some cultural aspects portrayed in this video, but we didn’t get to analyse all the typical… 1,697 more words

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Saturday Synopsis

White zucchetto affixed to his gray head, the pope waved enthusiastically to the patient crowd.

Women possess an inveterate impulse to buy shoes.

We had no reason to hurry so merely… 40 more words


Could you whisper that again, please?

Here is an exciting and dynamic game I used in class the other day to review vocabulary. It is similar to the Chinese Whispers classic but with a competitive twist to it. 198 more words



lager–noun: light beer, slowly fermented and matured under refrigeration.

Cold, clear lager hit the spot this hot, sunny afternoon.


Word Of The Month

This weeks word is charientism. An artfully veiled insult.An insult overed up by jest


smarmy–adjective: marked by earnestness that is smug or false

The smug senator offered no more than a smarmy reply to the reporter’s question.