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blithe–adjective: showing a content and happy disposition.

Blithe worshippers stood and clapped their hands with the beat.


How to Read & Write Hangul

I found two really nice videos that can help you learn how to read Hangul. The first video is for vowels and the second is for consonants. 434 more words


Quick tip - Vocabulary Tennis

Instead of a traditional brainstorming activity, why not engage teams in a match of vocabulary tennis?

Split the class into two teams. Teams stand in two lines facing each other. 95 more words


Saturday Synopsis

After worship, our pastor stood in the narthex and greeted parish members.

Seeing the young boy salute his father’s casket created a doleful memory.

My uncle’s… 39 more words


Drugstores in the US - MAKE verb

In the US, drugstores make sick people walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can purchase cigarettes at the front! 127 more words


The State of the Union Address 2015: "We Are Family..."

Within seconds of a President turning off the autocue, political pundits stop trembling, wipe the drool from their lips, and spend the next 2 years talking incessantly about what was said. 1,284 more words