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I’m quite sure most of you are familiar with this wonderful game. Just in case, I will briefly describe how it is played under its usual rules and later, how I have upgraded it to get the most out of it. 423 more words


Rapier: A slender, sharply pointed sword. (5.1.2)

Chaste: Abstaining from extramarital, or all sexual intercourse. (5.2.2)

Alabaster: A name applied to varieties of two distinct minerals. 54 more words

Somebody get me the Neosporin and some Bandages.....Please!

There are times along our journey ….. when the path we are called to follow ….. opens up onto a wide, open field or meadow….filled with the sights and smells of fresh grass, clover patches and blooming flowers. 2,052 more words



How about some nonsense for starters?


ثَرْثَرَة is a noun, meaning chatter or prattle. It’s one of those fun to say onomatopoeic words with four root letters. 81 more words


Linear B Show & Tell # 5: Girls & Bath by Rita Roberts

Linear B Show & Tell # 5:  Girls & Bath (Click to ENLARGE):

Of course, all those lovely Minoan girls would have taken plenty of baths, washing their gorgeous ringlets, and perfuming themselves, so that they would always remain attractive to those handsome Minoan boys!

Rita Roberts

Linear B

Vocabulary Intervention Cube

Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School

Content Area: Vocabulary and Reading

Description: Students take a given vocabulary word and complete and fill in all of the sides of the cube. 23 more words