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Redundancies are unnecessary, repetitious words

They may appear before and after the main word. They make your communication longer, but not better. To improve your English, read through the list of common redundancies below and mark the ones you are familiar with. 547 more words


Vocab Scavenger Hunt

Using realia is a proven way to teach vocabulary, especially to beginners. Teachers can present the vocabulary in chunks of related objects, e.g., kitchen utensils, over a series of classes based on the class language learning level. 297 more words


9/29/14 Monday Homework

Week 1 Unit 1 Vocabulary

  • N.

bias, component, device, foundation, initiative, medium, networking, source, technique, viewpoint

  • V.

transmit, unfold

  • ADJ.

accidental, accountable, anonymous, compelling, feasible, finite, isolated, liberating, logistical, unique, upfront… 75 more words


Pre-Intermediate (A2) Studying and following written instructions

A worksheet about studying and following written directions that will help you build up your VOCABULARY.

Click on the link below to download worksheet:



Vocabulary: Import | Export

I combined the definitions of Import and Export into one video because they are directly related. I also used China and the United States as an example. watch the short clip below:


WellCast videos

WellCast has a collection of videos (website / YouTube channel) that may help you think about issues like stress, time management and study skillls, self-esteem, suicide and bullying, And of course they’ll be good practice for your English: listening, vocabulary and even debate.  84 more words

Language Learning

Which is better?

Some people say British English is better that American English and other people think just the contrary. So, which English dialect is better?

Discover it… 23 more words