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pious–adjective: showing, or marked by, reverence for and devotion to a god.

The pious pilgrim fell to his fragile knees when at last arriving at the altar.


Saturday Synopsis

Maria wears curlers beneath her wimple.

Zouaves, in blue jackets and their baggy red pants, marched with impressive precision.

A whimpering cub tried repeatedly to… 43 more words


Gratitude Tree

We “grew” a Thanksgiving tree on the school’s wall leading to the library. The tree, constructed of poster board, held hundreds of paper leaves on which students from many of our English classes had written words of gratitude or thanksgiving. 117 more words


The Earliest Inscription in Arcado-Cypriot Linear C (11th. century BCE) & our 600th. Post in 20 months

The Earliest Inscription in Arcado-Cypriot Linear C (11th. century BCE): Click to ENLARGE

Now that we have introduced you all to the Arcado-Cypriot Linear C syllabary, it is time for us to reveal to you our very first translation of an inscription in this syllabary, dating from the time of the… 253 more words


pilsner–noun: a tall beer glass featuring a narrow foot.

I grew mesmerized watching bubbles emerge at the bottom of my pilsner then drifting to the top.



banal–adjective: not having originality, newness, or novelty.

Once again the Christmas party was a banal affair with the usual loud music, drunken gossip, and tasteless hors d’oeuvres.


Awesome Adjective: Slippery

Meaning: Describing something that is either wet or very smooth and causes people to fall.


The streets areĀ slippery because it rained and then the rain turned to ice.

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