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Word of the Day: PLETHORA

Plethora (ˈpleTHərə)

many; a large or excessive amount

(April 20, 2014)
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20 Hottest Words of April

  • kakorrhaphiophobia  : fear of failure.
  • agastopia  : admiration of a particular part of someone’s body.
  • macrosmatic  :  having a good sense of smell.
  • Ailurophile  : A cat-lover.
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How about some nonsense for starters?


ثَرْثَرَة is a noun, meaning chatter or prattle. It’s one of those fun to say onomatopoeic words with four root letters. 81 more words


feeling like a zombie at the end of finals season

i’m losing speed
running on empty
full of anxiety

and now for two brief
fleeting weeks
of much needed
“freedom” – to eat,
sleep, read and breathe… 16 more words

Creative Writing

Day #17: Q is for Quizzical

Google.com defines “quizzical” as meaning “indicating mild or amused puzzlement”.

Tonight the quizzical expression on my face comes from wondering why by everything that is holy I chose “quizzical” as my “q” word when I was making my list last month. 10 more words

A-Z Challenge

Word 1 of the Weekend: mishap

Why is it useful? Unfortunately, accidents happen! Bad luck may be around us, so this word is handy to have. In fact, a mishap just happened to me: I dropped all my laundry soap! :(
Courtesy: Merriam-Webster’s Learners Dictionary