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After preparing the last post I happened to visit Anne Jutras’s French-language blog and came across a post that began with this sentence: “Quand j’étais petite, j’étais obnubilée par les couchers de soleil.” That translates to: “When I was little, I was X by sunsets,” where I’ve substituted X for the feminine past participle… 175 more words

Spanish Language

LUSCIOUS is the new DEEP: Random word-choice post...

This piece was created by choosing five words ‘blind’ and taking it from there! The words: ‘luscious,’ ‘deep’, ‘is’, ‘the’ and ‘new’…

‘Now then, love, if I snatch off the loincloth, will I find matching collar and cuffs?’ 553 more words


Russian Radio

So I’ve now hit the two week mark and discovered Russian radio!

No, I don’t understand a lot of what they’re talking about, but there are the occasional moments when I recognise a word or two of what the presenters say. 119 more words

New words - 28 July 2014

standing desk noun a desk at which a person stands rather than sits

Kevin Partner reveals a £50 method to make a standing desk

reshoring noun moving jobs that had previously been done in other countries back to the country where the company is based … 76 more words

New Words

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To bump into someone or something

To bump into is a common phrasal verb which means you meet someone by chance, by accident, i.e. not planned. In fact, at the gym on Saturday morning I… 48 more words


Crazy and awesome fun words we should all use..

Once in every while, don’t we all come across that situation where we want to express something but don’t have the exact word which describes it.. 452 more words