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Summer Rain

I was going to blog tonight, but after a day of editing, writing emails, and feeling particularly grumpy about the rain all day long, I don’t have the motivation to do it. 99 more words


Ways to say "Friend" (and to scale them!)

We don’t have just one kind of friend. It takes time to get to be best friends and it also takes several steps. But, how to call people you just hang out with, you have seen just once, or those who are a friend of a friend? 172 more words

Tips For Learning

Learn new languages quickly and "easily"

This is a long, but useful article about how to learn anew language quickly.  Tim Ferriss is a “life hacker”.  He spends his time looking at the most effective ways to do do things, using the least amount of effort.   48 more words


Daily Dutch Dose

DUTCH:  In een kort ogenblik; Korte tijd;  Kort ogenblik;  Kort moment
ENG:  in no time, quickly
Voorbeeld (Example):

  1. Ze was in een mum van tijd weer terug.` – She was back in a short time…
  2. 16 more words

Is recognizing patterns important for little kids?

I was working with a rising first grader over the weekend, using a hands-on parts-of-speech activity to help kids learn nouns, verbs, article adjectives, etc. The student’s job was to manipulate the parts of speech words over the appropriate words in printed sentences. 449 more words

Reading Readiness.

One French sentence, three new words: scheduling a talk

Part of academic life in every country that I’ve visited in an official capacity is going to people’s talks.  I found this to be a great way to practice my French listening skills, and I always learned new technical vocabulary.  161 more words

The Inner Dragon Let Loose

It’s Vacation Bible School week.  The coolest thing about Vacation Bible School week is that we go out with friends for ice cream at Braum’s nearly every night afterwards.   429 more words

Daryl (The Middle)