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 Aqui estão às cores. Em inglês britânico essa palavra se chama colour e em americano, color. 


Para dizer uma cor clara ou escura só faz falta por os adjetivos… 17 more words


Some core vocabulary for vocab tests in September 2014

The excel file below has the words you need to revise for vocab tests this month.

Work hard, chicos…GCSE Categorised CORE VOCABULARY (edexcel)


I recently ran across the word lustworthy applied to a camera lens rather than something more conventionally voluptuous, but I was reading Popular Photography, so what can you expect? 162 more words

Spanish Language

due Sun Sept 7: membean assignment

By the end of Sunday each week, starting with this week, spend at least 45 minutes on membean.  Take advantage of the various ways the site helps you own your new words. 50 more words


Diagrams, Dictionaries, & Word List (2 Points)


Fish types

(There are a lot more subtypes in the full dictionary.)
ai usi butterfish (spotted, humpbacked)
aigulu parrotfish (half-toothed)
alongana tang, surgeonfish type (small); tang type… 645 more words


Sharks and rays

bogimolo shark type (black-tip)
dimbo guitarfish, shovel-nosed ray
gotamuna carpet shark, cat shark, wobbegong gotamuna tina blind shark
inde shark ray
koeawila shark (in general) 9 more words