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Từ vựng chủ đề "The justice system"

Tối nay chúng ta cùng học các từ vựng về chủ đề “the justice system” các bạn nhé 

pass a law/legislate against: lập pháp (vai trò của nhà nước) 125 more words


New Vocabulary Words for Ruben Amaro Jr.

This was written before the 2014 season for Yahoo Sports. After the Philadelphia Phillies failed to make a single deal at the trade deadline today, I thought it was an appropriate post. 734 more words

Current Events

Never Give Up.



The courageous concept might have been best addressed by British statesman and historical pillar, Sir Winston Churchill, in his commencement address to the graduating class of Harrow School on October 29, 1941: 714 more words


The root word:”Ig”/”Il”/”Im/”in”/”ir” — meaning: not/without.

Illegal: Not legal.

Inappropriate: Not appropriate.

Incessant: Not ceasing.

Indomitable: Not able to be dominated.

Infallible: Invincible, not able to be conquered. 15 more words


Quotes Biweekly — July 31

Opportunity is another word for moving on. And it is a word choice, which is often the wiser. If the well gets poisoned, move to a meadow of merriment, where your hearts will echo the more. ― Tom Althouse

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adjectives and adjective compounds (A1-B1)

In this lesson, you will get an idea about the mechanisms to built new adjectives in German. You may widen your vocabulary and it is easlier for you to remember the new vocabulary once you know the mechanisms and the single compounds. 192 more words

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