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Linear B Show & Tell # 5: Girls & Bath by Rita Roberts

Linear B Show & Tell # 5:  Girls & Bath (Click to ENLARGE):

Of course, all those lovely Minoan girls would have taken plenty of baths, washing their gorgeous ringlets, and perfuming themselves, so that they would always remain attractive to those handsome Minoan boys!

Rita Roberts

Linear B

Essential Idioms: Lesson 21

1. to go up
Definition: to increase (also: to drive up); to be constructed, to be erected

Economists are predicting that consumer prices are going up. 763 more words

Words in Colour

Monday: blue; Tuesday: green; Wednesday: light blue; Thursday: light brown, etc. I have a condition known as Grapheme-Colour Synesthesia. This condition induces me to immediately associate certain colours with certain words when I hear or think about them. 126 more words

Word of the Day: Godhead

“I have no idea how to use godhead in a sentence.”


1) divine nature or essence
2) the nature of God, especially as existing in three persons

~per Merriam-Webster


HanjaWatch: 水

– a man swimming (flailing) in WATER

as in su-wimming, obviously ;)

수요일 – Wednesday

음료수 – beverages
식수 – drinking water… 37 more words


Learning English differently

Young dual language learners with language impairments always amaze me. I love to observe how they negotiate communicative needs, ideas, and understanding of the world with the mind tools they possess. 395 more words

Child Bilingualism

When Prose Stoops

Speaking with eloquent prose is an art that makes the things we say powerful. In my previous blog post I talked about choosing the perfect word… but as these words decent from our lips, we must be careful that they fall into place with the audience we are addressing. 188 more words