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That's totes amaze babes!

Anyone else get extremely frustrated whenever you see, particularly on facebook, that kind of language? It sends me in to a torrent of rage. Yet I’m guilty of that exact same thing, ironically of course, there’s a difference. 458 more words

Food for thought

The Latin word cibus meant ‘food,’ and that’s why the abbreviation cib. in a medicinal prescription means ‘food.’ For the Romans, cibus also meant ‘fodder,’ which is to say ‘food for animals,’ and that sense has continued in the word’s Spanish descendant, … 190 more words

Spanish Language

Being wise and knowing is not constrained by naivety and lack of cleverness, words and worldliness; but, instead by narrow-mindedness, obstinacy, foolhardiness and resistance to progression.



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I’m quite sure most of you are familiar with this wonderful game. Just in case, I will briefly describe how it is played under its usual rules and later, how I have upgraded it to get the most out of it. 423 more words


build your wordpower

1. Bask: to lie or sit enjoying the sun
2. Efficacy: effectiveness, an ability, especially of a medicine, of achieving something to produce the intended result… 96 more words

Civil Services

Words from Indian languages

by Liz Walter

From the time the East India Company was set up by Queen Elizabeth I, England (and then Britain) has had a very close relationship with India. 383 more words

The English Language