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Progress Level 3 Banzai Escape

Just only 3 images. So where is the level 2 and 1 progress? Well secret for now… Consider this as teaser.


Bài vocaloid đầu tiên nhóm mình sub :)

Demon Girlfriend aka Oni Kanojo

Vocal: Kagamine Rin <3

Link: Mp3|Clip

Vocaloid Sub

At a voca party!

Luna: Im at a party with all the other vocaloids! Im sitting next to haki with nanami laying on us.
Nanami: Im pfu fabulous!!

Current Music Favourites

I’m going to talk about what is currently my favourite music and songs to listen to are for this past term. Now none of them is those normal music that bands sing.  413 more words


Music festival poster

As part of the music festival brief for design class we had to design a poster for the music festival and all the silhouettes on the poster their original images i do not own but i have drawn them again to suit how i wanted each silhouette to look.

Tractor Design School