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Signing Off

Later this week I’ll be launching my new website and blog. After four years of flying under the banner “What if? What now? What next?,” my “what next” is emerging with enough clarity to step out onto a new platform. 253 more words


Myths and Truths About Productivity

How well do you understand productivity? Here’s an exercise adapted from Matt Perman’s book What’s Best Next. For each statement below, decide if it is a myth or a truth. 424 more words

Matt Perman


We find different ways
To belong to the world.

Planting a seed
Or singing your song
Celebrating with dance
Finding a cure
Supporting a cause… 80 more words


Project 365: Day 199 You Make Beautiful Things

It’s the last night of Texas Youth Academy and I have this song rolling around in my head. The song is called “Beautiful Things” by the band Gungor. 246 more words

Personal Blog

Entry Two: For My Mama(s) & My Papa(s)

I woke up this morning smiling, something I haven’t done in a really long time (I cannot even remember the last time I have woken up smiling, to be honest). 456 more words

Between Two Weddings

Two years ago, as I was just beginning to think more critically about my faith and sexuality, I attended a wedding. It has been interesting to revisit the memorialized emotions that accompanied the ceremony, to examine the well-worn paths down which my uncertain thoughts routinely fled when confronted by longing and sorrow. 1,066 more words


Productivity That Matters

What does it mean to be productive? According to Matt Perman, it means more than getting the right things done; rather, it means getting the things that God wants done. 169 more words

Matt Perman