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St. John Paul II: Thank you, every woman!

On this first-ever feast day of St. John Paul the II, I’ve been reflecting on my gratitude for the example of the late, great pope. ( 558 more words

Florida Elections…U.S. Elections…What’s the Difference?

By Graham Glover -

I recently mailed in my absentee ballot for this year’s elections. Included on my ballot was the most depressing vote I have ever made. 736 more words

The Emperor's Chair

Thoughts on "Gay and Catholic" - Part One

There’s a moment in Eve Tushnet’s new book, Gay and Catholic where she refers to herself as a “public homosexual”. That gave me pause to reflect about the irony of my own situation: while I am far from public in the level that Miss Tushnet is, it’s true that I’ve gabbed on far more about that aspect of my life as a celibate Catholic than as a sexually active pagan. 1,203 more words


11 Parish Assistants and counting ...

Revd Dr Kim Wasey writes: For over 15 years St Chrysostom’s Church has been welcoming young people to spend a year as a Parish Assistant supporting them in exploring and developing their vocations. 504 more words


How and Why I got to where I'm at (Vocational Edition)

I just wrote a piece for Baylor Communication for their alumni highlight campaign.*  For those of you interested in how I graduated in 2012, worked in student affairs and in the nonprofit world, moved to Jordan teaching English, met a bunch of Syrian and Sudanese refugees, … 128 more words


Day 21: Redemptive words

Yesterday you asked your friends some questions. One of the questions was, “How would you describe me in a few words?” Hopefully you found someone who knows you well, and you wrote down what they told you. 306 more words