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We 'Literally Can't Even' with Snapchat's new original series

The actual video quality production is decent, and the split-screen footage makes it more enjoyable to view on a vertical screen. But as far as the acting and writing go, it’s hard to watch. 38 more words

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Snapchat's first scripted show will premiere in Discover tomorrow, and then disappear

Literally Can’t Even will be hosted on Snap Channel, part of Snapchat’s new ad-supported Discover service, which launched last week. The episodes will only be a few minutes long, and, in keeping with Snapchat’s blink-or-you’ll-miss-it style, each episode will disappear 24 hours after it airs. 37 more words

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How To Clean Your Netflix Queue In Five Easy Steps

5. Be Honest With Yourself

Look at your queue. Are you going to watch Farewell My Concubine? A Room With a View? Croupier? (LOL, Croupier.) Enchanted April?!?! 179 more words

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'Expelled' Fast-Tracked Film With Cameron Dallas, Other Online Stars Heads To Netflix

Expelled, a teen comedy feature starring Cameron Dallas and other online notables and produced by Awesomeness TV, continues to whirl as it heads to a Feb. 31 more words

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Netflix Is Getting Rid Of Another Great Show

Fans of both Scrubs and Netflix might already have noticed this, but if you haven’t been keeping tabs, Scrubs is set to be the latest Netflix casualty. 59 more words

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Rachael Taylor Cast In Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' Netflix Series

Rachael Taylor has been cast as Trish Walker in Netflix’s original superhero series “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones,” which stars Krysten Ritter as the title character. Marvel made the announcement Thursday. 9 more words

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Nonstop Entertainment Forays Into 'Supersimultaneous' Day-and-Dating With 'Black Coal'

GOTEBORG, Sweden — Considered a pioneer of day-and-dating in Scandinavia, Nonstop Entertainment is set to go one step further, releasing Yi’nan Diaos’ noir thriller “Black Coal, Thin Ice” simultaneously in theaters, via VOD and on TV. 149 more words