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follow your heart and cravings

to fellow right-brain brethren*,
it is as important to follow food cravings, the way you follow your heart.

according to Oxford dictionary definition,
Craving is a powerful desire for something. 224 more words


From Shohona to Friselle..."il mangiare da re"

When thinking of a meal fit for kings, most people’s imagination would naturally conjure up images of opulent banquets of multiple courses and complex preparations. For me, “il mangiare da re” is forever linked to the simple… 669 more words


Tips on How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

You don’t always have to run to a jeweler to get your diamond engagement ring cleaned. You can do it at home. Here are a few tips: 89 more words


Grapefruit Martini

How can something so good be bad? Well, I went out with a couple of my friends to a sushi bar. They had a grapefruit martini on the menu, and being a warm day it just sounded refreshing. 228 more words


Antiviral (2012)

Gotta start off by saying there are no tits in this, but there’s plenty blood and intrigue. Let me and my Taaka vodka take you on a journey. 527 more words


5 Things You Need To Know Before Moving Into Student Accommodation

From your first time doing laundry, to the first time you’re let loose in a supermarket to shop for yourself, here are 5 things you probably should know before moving away from home and diving head first into being a student. 407 more words


What I'm eating this week 7/27/14


For the past few weeks I haven’t done as much blogging as I’d like. The truth is I’ve just been exhausted because my marathon training has been ramping up. 230 more words

Meal Planning