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Reyka Vodka Tasting Notes

Reyka Vodka 40%

William Grant

Is a small batch vodka produced in Iceland using a process that includes the filtration through lava rock. Made in one of only six carter head stills in the world, this is made from a mixture of wheat and barley. 80 more words


Dingle Distillery Tasting Notes

Dingle Vodka 40%

Irish Pot Still Vodka

Tasted: Nov/ Dec 2013

The nose is quite smoky with citrus and grain notes. Quite crisp and hard with an almost mineral character.   45 more words


Distillery Prime Tasting Notes

Prime Premium Vodka 40%

Distillery Prime, Ukraine

Tasted: Nov/ Dec 2013

An interesting, slightly briny nose with heavy oiliness along with an almost burnt wood note.   52 more words


Cruz Tasting Notes

Cruz Vintage Black Vodka 43%

Blue Sky Brand Company., Cape Town, South Africa

Tasted: Nov/ Dec 2013

A lightly oiled nose with plenty of pungent cereal notes. 52 more words


Crystal Head Tasting Notes

Crystal Head Vodka 40%

Tasted: Sept 2011

Quite a corn fat nose with some lovely sweet edgy rye-like grains and a tense minerality. The palate is soft, full and rounded again quite corn fat with a milky/ creamy mouth-feel. 24 more words


Grey Goose Tasting Notes

Grey Goose 40%

Tasted: Oct 2005

Youthful aromas of grain spirit with a citrus twist. A reasonable intensity of grainy citrus but it’s a bit simple, and that’s about it.


ZIM’s Tasting Notes

ZIM’s Eighty One 40.5%

Rebel Spirits Group. Gluten-free Polish potato vodka distilled and bottled by Akwawit-Polmos, a 250-year-old distillery in Wroclaw, Poland.

Tasted: Nov/ Dec 2013… 55 more words