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Inside 'Vodou: Sacred Powers of Haiti'| Chicago Reader

Before we go any further, it should be made clear that the name of the Field Museum’s new exhibit is pronounced “voh-DOO.” Also, vodouists don’t make those little cloth dolls to curse their enemies; they use them to carry messages to their ancestors and other deceased loved ones. 163 more words


When I don't like Halloween: Universal Studio's "Bayou of Blood"

Generally I like this season, but I am not crazy about bad ethnic-themed costumes (aka black/red/yellow-face), or this nonsense which reminds me of last year’s messed up “American Horror Story.” 16 more words


Halloween Party

It’s after Midnight.. That means our Halloween party is only one week away! Make your plans to attend!

Click this link for more information  <3 Love and Light-



She-roes and She-gods? Africana Religions and the Comics, part 1

Are you a comics fan? My latest project deals with religion in comic books and graphic novels from the Golden Age to the present, where I look for comics characters who possess what might be seen as  1,116 more words

Africana Religions

Free For Arts

Both ‘Feminislam‘ and some pieces from ‘Drapetomania‘ are currently installed in Federation House in honour of Free For Arts Festival- where it turns out I am exhibiting alongside some old comrades. 81 more words