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Old Lady Stealing From the Flea Market

Sometimes she puts whatever she’s stealing in her head wrap, but mostly she uses her partner in crime, this banjee girl, to distract the stall owner while she slips stuff all sneaky like… 98 more words


A Dedication

In typical Vodu style, it seems only appropriate that the first post of this blog be a dedication to all those that have come before me and have made this possible, so here it goes…… 597 more words


More On The Ancestors

As sometimes happens when I write a blog, I opened a spiritual can of worms with my last post. In that post, I noted the presence of the ancestors of spirit as I work my way more deeply into a martial arts practice. 906 more words


A new year, Bain Noel and Four Circles class

So we are here in 2015 and I need to start posting regularly again. There are some topics I meant to post last year after Kanzo and I need to get those written. 177 more words


Quick Look at the Real Papa Legba

This morning, I posted this question and the reply was unexpected. I haven’t seen American Horror Story, so I didn’t get the reference, but ‘Papa Legba’ definitely stood out. 473 more words


Voodoo priests, doctors on Haiti’s mental healthcare frontline

Five years after a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people and reducing homes to rubble, few survivors would say they were traumatised or suffering depression as a result of the disaster, Reuters reports. 777 more words


Dreaming of Ginen in 2015

In Haitian vodou, ‘Ginen’ is the name given to archetypal Africa, where ultimately all people and all spirits and divinities come from. Ginen is where the Lwa reside, a realm anba dlo/under the water where They make Their homes and where, eventually, all souls return, at least for a time. 1,264 more words