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Does New Orleans love you back? Letter to JACKSON'S PLAYBOOK Author, Molthrop, a Mystery

In September 2014 I published ANDREW JACKSON’S PLAYBOOK. In it I tried to juxtapose the strategies used by a General tasked with defending a city under siege by the world’s greatest army with those used by contemporary civic and cultural leaders in rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina. 1,867 more words

Vračari: The Serbian Feast Day of Saints Cosmas and Damian, Folk Magic, and the Sacred Twins of African Origin

In Serbian folk understanding, there are two days of the week that are ideal for “throwing” magick (gatane, vračane): Tuesdays and Fridays. Hence today is a doubly auspicious day for magickal workings–not only is it a Friday, but it’s the Feast Day, in the Serbian Orthodox Church, of the… 1,451 more words


Kavan Cardoza

Kavan Cardoza combines photography and costume to produce dramatic imagery.

The photos have an element of Maleficium or Satanic portrayals of Vodou.

I like that even though… 143 more words

Art & Design

Inside 'Vodou: Sacred Powers of Haiti'| Chicago Reader

Before we go any further, it should be made clear that the name of the Field Museum’s new exhibit is pronounced “voh-DOO.” Also, vodouists don’t make those little cloth dolls to curse their enemies; they use them to carry messages to their ancestors and other deceased loved ones. 163 more words


When I don't like Halloween: Universal Studio's "Bayou of Blood"

Generally I like this season, but I am not crazy about bad ethnic-themed costumes (aka black/red/yellow-face), or this nonsense which reminds me of last year’s messed up “American Horror Story.” 16 more words