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The 12 Steps of the Heroes Journey (Unforgiven)


Many stories take the hero out of the ordinary familiar world place them in an exciting and unfamiliar environment. Although if you are going to use this idea you first have to show the hero in his ordinary world to create a contrast (this doesn’t actually have to be in real environments it could be emotionally, such as his world before and after a relationship or life changing moment) In the case of Munny in Unforgiven his leaving of the Ordinary world in fact returns him to ‘The Special World’ where he was initially before he fell in love and married. 764 more words

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The Writer's Journey, (concluding Notes)

The trickster behaves as the comic relief in situations.

When we are taking ourselves too seriously, the Trickster part of our personalities may pop up to bring back perspective as it is needed. 5,038 more words

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