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McDonald's: l'ultimo tentativo per riconquistare i clienti

NOTA AICEX: McDonald’s sta da tempo cercando di rinverdire la sua immagine e la relazione con i suoi clienti. Come? Ascoltando la voice of the customer. 301 more words

Customer Service

The Cool Kids Cloud Club?

First of all, I can’t stand butt kissers, and I hope my readers will understand I’m just an objective correspondent reporting the facts, ma’am. Anyway, this morning I excitedly scanned the list of… 293 more words

Film study a key to winning on Sunday and everyday

In the Sports Illustrated article, Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl 49, the subtitle says:

“Our film-study guru breaks down the matchups, schemes, strengths, weaknesses and gambits from every conceivable angle. 260 more words

Building a Strong Voice of the Customer Program (Video)

Customer connectedness is one of Temkin Group’s four CX core competencies. A key capability in this area is a strong voice of the customer (VoC) program. 44 more words

Customer Connectedness

The secret to building a world-class "voice of the customer" program

Do you have a well-coordinated “voice of the customer” program? Do you know what your customers are saying about you? Most importantly, are you able to gather and share this information so your entire company can make the best business decisions possible? 1,083 more words

Voice Of The Customer

It's not whether you win or lose...

it’s how you play the game, right? Or am I just naive to the world in 2015? Whatever. My customer experience as a fan of the New England Patriots is… 192 more words

It takes more than Luck

“Why do you tease our friends in Indy?” That’s what the big guy asked when he saw me in the café the day after I wrote… 411 more words