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A little Amusement for the Walking Dead fans

I laughed so hard I almost cried.  Whoever did this is amazingly talented. Because it actually looks like that’s what they are saying. Wow. Props to the people who do Bad Lip Reading.

The Walking Dead


It was mine and Danielle’s role to edit the film, We had a few problems with deadlines for the footage which meant we have less time to  put the story together. 423 more words

ARD409 Creative Media Production.

Treading Lightly into the Voice-Over World

I’m someone who likes to use their voice. This might be an obvious statement  with the radio work that I do, but voice-over work has only ever been on the edge of things I’ve been involved with. 279 more words


Have Snoop Dogg Narrate Your CoD: Ghosts Matches In New DLC

Uncle Snoop joins Infinity Ward for the new voice over DLC for Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Snoop will call in your kill streaks, call out enemy positions and their activity. 50 more words


New Pokemon Parody Animation!

This is the next teaser segment to “Larry’s Epic Game Shop” featuring a pokemon parody where Larry is hunting down a certain plump yellow rat critter…  Does he succeed in making his catch!?  32 more words

How Voice Over Helped Me Quit Smoking

I started smoking at the age of 16.

No one came right out and pressured me, teased me, or just plain shoved it in my face. 907 more words