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'Ok, Google' Extends Boundary, To Search Within Third-Party Apps

It’s incredible how much you can actually do on an Android smartphone through voice commands, but Google doesn’t seem content with where it has gotten so far. 207 more words

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When Databases Talk Back

I’ve been reading through DITA blogs the last couple of days. Over 40 blogs and 130 posts of great writing so far from classmates on DITA.   619 more words


OK, Google: Why Are Teens Totes More Into Voice Search Than Adults?

How do you search the Internet for things? If you answered “by typing into my phone,” then you might be an old person. The majority of teens (55 percent) now conduct more than one voice search a day, according to a new study from market research firm Northstar. 151 more words


Shocker! Teenagers use mobile voice search more than adults

Teenagers talk on the phone a lot, but you know what else they do? Talk to their phones. Google published a study today looking at that voice search habits of American smartphone users and to no one’s surprise, teens use the feature more than adults. 191 more words

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