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Why Doesn't Netflix Work With the Fire TV Voice Search? Because the Device Is Designed To Cash In On Amazon Streaming Not Promote It Universally

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Despite the stubborn insistence by many that Roku is the leader of the set top world the truth is that of all the set top box owners out there 48 percent of them own an Apple TV.    896 more words


Amazon.com Has the Worst Money Transfer System on the Internet

They do it because they want to also earn my interest while I struggle to figure out how to input a new bank account number. Amazon has the worst money transfer service on the internet. 477 more words

Amazon Fire TV falls behind the competition

Amazon’s promise with its new set-top box, the Fire TV, is that it will make watching video from a variety of online sources easier. When it introduced the product earlier this week, Amazon made it clear in the presentation that it understands the frustrations and problems that consumers face when trying to choose a video to watch on their televisions. 607 more words




报道称,这款手持设备在测试期间免费,但只能订购来自亚马逊生鲜服务Amazon Fresh的商品。Dash会自动创建购物清单,它的外形类似一个小指挥棒。你可以对它讲话,也可以扫描条形码,Dash就会将货物自动添加到Amazon Fresh账户。 Dash目前仅面向Amazon Fresh生鲜服务会员开放,仅覆盖西雅图、旧金山和南加州三个地区。

该设备极大地简化了网购过程。外媒分析称,Dash代表的新技术能够为Amazon Fresh带来新一轮的宣传,引发更广泛关注,同时也让购物者的体验“更加疯狂”。



Amazon Fire TV's voice search & kid-friendliness make it more than just another set-top box (video)

Even though the Fire TV looks like yet another Roku and Apple TV competitor, Amazon packed in a few truly unique features. Most notably, the Fire TV’s voice search should save you precious minutes from typing out movie titles and actor names with a tiny remote. 147 more words


Amazon Set-Top Features Voice Search, Gaming

Amazon.comAMZN -0.30% introduced its long-awaited set-top box on Wednesday and the big selling points seem to be voice-activated search and gaming capabilities.

That’s a differentiator from Roku,  176 more words


Content Friendly SEO. Finally.

This past week I spent some time helping my friend set up a blog intended to promote her new book coming out in May. We spent a lot of time fiddling with WordPress and talking about writing, why we do it, what we want out of it, how we are building our writing communities, and the value of an… 531 more words