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When you can't hear God's Voice

What does it mean when you can’t seem to hear God’s voice?

In reality God wants to speak with us and is speaking to us. But how do we know this? 62 more words


Rising from the Seeds of Vulnerability

A remarkable beauty is born when word-woven experiences strike deep chords of soul resonance. Here’s to the brilliant flowering that rises from the seeds of vulnerable sharing.

A.E. Irwin

"Growing Up" by Kara J. Searcy

Growing up

By Kara J. Searcy

means standing
inside the screen
door on a
day; sprinklers off
and bathing suit
between the… 6 more words


Free Your Voice, avoid vocal traps





There are lots of bad habits singers can get stuck in. In this video I briefly discuss breathing, jaw position, and the body.


The Devil wears Amrapali The Unpaid Internship from hell

If you thought the Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestley was cruel, think again. Read on for an insight into my fashion editorial internship from hell. 1,271 more words


Willful disobedience: The day of the loud, full, hell-bound woman

Nah, I don’t really think I’m hellbound…I just like playing with that which is not to be touched…  I like dancing on the edge. I’m so glad I made it here. 346 more words


What is your voice?

What is your voice, but your mind set free?

What is your voice, but a weapon of mass destruction?

What is your voice, but the reason many who heard it, listened? 141 more words