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Dreams - Wishes calling....

Dreams are important – they are not to be ignored. They should be dealt with because they are — YOU.

I’m talking about your WISHES. What would you like to do? 107 more words


Clint Smith: "Say your Truth"

When we fail to tell our truth, we fail to truthfully be ourselves. When we hide away the truth, we allow wrong to overtake.

There Is Hope

...And I'm Back

Hey Everyone,

I know I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I wasn’t liking my voice and needed to find a new one. I’ve been on quite the journey since I last posted. 210 more words


Unexpected Twist on Sexual Harassment

~ by Lina Esa Öberg

I was at the arrival area in KLIA last weekend having a cup of cuppucino at Delifrance. The area was abuzz with tourist agents selling packages to middle-eastern couples. 469 more words

I Think, Therefore I Write

I think therefore I write because the audible voice of Jeneen was never heard. Maybe because I spoke too soft? Or because I was one of many who had something to say, but I never could be the first to speak up? 95 more words


Villanueva: "On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism"

Villanueva, Victor. “On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism.” College Composition and Communication 50.4 (1999): 645:661. Web.

Villanueva argues for the return to the “question of racism” and race-based oppression, claiming that racism is still a primary concern for Americans. 247 more words