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I’m hearing voices. These voices inside my head are making me wish I was dead. You failure you failure. Baby beluga is playing inside my head. 150 more words

New Echoes

Whats that sound…whats that noise…wait…its a voice. A voice…the inner sober shrill cry for help…a troubled tormented innocent voice…bottled up inside never to be let out,yet it somehow squeezed out of the unrubbed lamp…demented,deranged,diminshed responsibility is all i could make out…emaciated,haggard,cadaverousness is all it knew…is there a pot of gold at the end of this soon to be rainbow…when and where will this caterpillar find its wings…stay tuned missymeeh.wordpress.com for this and more…cheerio%)

My brain is in danger and this might make you itchy. Sorry. I'm a jerk.

Last night I was sitting on my bed, minding my own business, when I felt a strange little tickle on my head. I’ve always prided myself on being a quick thinker and a problem solver, so I reached up and scratched my head.  766 more words

Random Oddness

Words of Wisdom for January 8, 2015

The inner voice of social conditioning doesn’t just speak in words; it shouts them. “Do it my way! Do not screw this up!” By contrast, inner wisdom is stillness itself.

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Words Of Wisdom

Of melancholies

This lowly state that I always find myself in, always wondering if its normal or just a phase that’ll pass… the answers to these, I’ve never found. 133 more words

Voices In My Head

Apologies..and New Years..Cheer?..

The title is very apologetic the question is on New Years cheer..cause you know me my post aren’t usually cheerful.  This post may have numerous grammatical errors as I’m just writing cause I wanted to come back before the New Year as well as explain my absence. 744 more words

Mental Depression

All you should know about people who hear voices

During the ancient times, when somebody said ‘I hear voices in my head’, they were thought to be patients of a mental illness like schizophrenia or psychosis. 134 more words