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I wanted, no, needed words…
The silence was deafening…
You could hear a pin drop…
I could get used to, maybe?!

I listened hoping for an echo… 95 more words


Sleep? What a sleepy job!

Is there anyone who remembers how nicely they slept? Please thank the heavens!

Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them. Problem is, half of me hates sleep so much that when I once slept so well recently, I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep. 676 more words


They won a Nobel for Pakistan, Pakistan gave then No Bells for prize.

Pakistan, as it stands in 2014, has only two Nobel prize laureates. First one of them, Mohammad Abdus Salam and then came a young girl, Malala Yousafzai. 1,205 more words


The Winter Under My Skin

Tomorrow is Oct. 1st.

It begins with the cold,
gradual and heavy.
It seeps into fingers and toes,
easily confused with the seasonal chill.
But no amount of wool or fleece provides relief. 302 more words


SBTRKT (ft. A$AP Ferg) - Voices in my head

It had been a minute since Fergie snapped on a track… very dope collab.

The Voices In My Head

It happens every morning. Every time the alarm goes off.

It used to be only one voice, strong enough to convince me not to leave the comfort and warmth of my sheets. 221 more words