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I’ve looked everywhere for you
Where might you be?
Perhaps you’re a figment of my imagination
A random though maybe…
A thought that I’ve built on through out my life… 119 more words


For Our Veterans, More Than Thank You - Peace To You

On Veterans Day, it’s important to face the full price paid by veterans for their national service. Veterans today commit suicide at the highest rate in our nation’s history, have startling rates of prescription drug and alcohol abuse, and are often thought of as “damaged goods.” For our Veteran’s and their loved ones, I pray that we can be ears that listen and hands that heal in Jesus’ name. 287 more words

Rick Lee James

Hearing > Healing

I would say that at least 90% of the prayer requests I hear from church people have to do with sickness and health. The really interesting thing about that is Jesus very rarely healed people. 356 more words

Rick Lee James

I'm so selfish

But it’s okay,
because I’m crying on the inside.
(Don’t make me pity you.)
So don’t let go,
don’t let me fall
into sorrow.
(None’s gonna catch you, 15 more words

(Faux?) Confidence

When the devil’s arms seem strong,
Brother, keep on keeping on!

Don’t waste your time here feeling low.
- Colony House, Keep on Keeping On…

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The Drama Of Life

A New Poem

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Dangerous territory

The fields of her mind… 191 more words

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