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6 ways to be successful this school year

It’s back-to-school time for everyone over the next few weeks and my job (as always) is to provide young people with the tips they need to be successful for the upcoming school year. 418 more words


The Things They Googled

If they were young, they googled the things they didn’t know. Some were things they were supposed to know for school, like the habits of the hammerhead shark, the perfect squares under a hundred, the phrase “rite of passage.” When they got bored, they googled images of peace signs, photographs of rainbows, a video of a girl singing about Friday and another of a baby laughing and laughing. 663 more words


Small voices, loud noise

Day 27

I am grateful for voices

The Asymmetrical Workplace

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about growing up and being a teen.    When I grew up, it wasn’t great to be a woman – in fact, I remember my late father telling me that it was ‘lovely’ that I had qualifications but it didn’t really matter as much as my brother’s. 305 more words


VOICES FROM A COMA: The Man in the Hills By Jeremy Simons

Nearly an hour later, around two o’clock in the morning, the door entering the house from the back porch creaked open. A man entered the house. 474 more words


Soul Searching

The dampness of my soul gathered dust upon my feet.
Everywhere I stepped I left tracks and so I stood still.
I waited and listened for voices to invite me back. 74 more words


I’m having one of those days today where I have become more and more detached as the day has gone on. Although I wasn’t fully with it this morning, it was nothing I couldn’t handle – just a little slice of what I knew could be a lot worse. 874 more words


Making it off-off Broadway in between classes

The curtains went down on My Personal Hell, but for Jonathan O’Neill’s career as a playwright, the curtains may just be rising.

O’Neill, a senior at Fordham University in the Bronx, N.Y., recently wrapped up his off-off Broadway debut of… 693 more words