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Hemming Chiffon - Part 6

Carefully (and I do mean carefully) trim the fabric near the stitched fold 1/16 to 1/8 inch away from the stitching (making sure to cut below the desired hem, so that you cut off only the undesired fabric). 25 more words

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Hemming Chiffon - Part 4

Stitch a straight stitch close to the pressed line (if possible, no more than 1/8 inch from the fold).


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Hemming Chiffon - Part 3

Press the hem 1/4 inch away from this mark, or 1/4 inch from the final hem.  (Notice how I evened the hem a little to make it lie straight.) 10 more words

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Hemming Chiffon - Part 2

Do not cut a chiffon hem. You must retain the fabric for the hem to lay evenly without puckering and lettucing (rippling or becoming wavy). 42 more words

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So nextdoor vous livre quelques tendances lingerie 2015

L’imprimé fleuri très couleur vintage yéyé.

The vintage flowery yéyé printed matter.

Le structuré aux lignes géométriques et au grand travail sur les bretelles et la proportion des couleurs. 109 more words