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TESLA - Volatility & Manipulation

Tesla ($TSLA) has been a phenomenal company to follow, largely because of the creativity, conviction, intellect and drive of their employees and CEO Elon Musk.  Business students years from now will have case studies on how Mr. 272 more words

Modified Sharpe Ratio in Excel

How Sharp is the Sharpe-Ratio?

If popularity was the only measurement for risk metrics, the Sharpe ratio would tell us everything we need to know. Unfortunately, Sharpe ratio falls short of covering the full spectrum of risks in the field of investing. 384 more words


Volatility index is lowered, but remains high

This week the CBOE Volatility Index settled down after reaching highs near 30 last week, it settled in at 16.11 as of Friday’s closing. The index is still high, however, due to many uncertainties across the globe. 141 more words

October 25, 2014: A Wealth of Information

Most people have both income and wealth needs. They need money to spend now, as well as money to spend during retirement. The problem is that most people spend all of their time focused on the income-side. 217 more words


Relative volatilities of different asset classes

“Changes in the volatilities of different asset classes are significantly positively correlated,” says Ray Dalio and it seems from the Picture above that there seems to be more than an ounce of truth in that. 152 more words


Funny Money:

So what is going on with financial markets?  Extreme volatility, US dollar going up, asset values going down. Feds still manipulating the Bond Market, and EU Bankers about to try another dose of the same, by propping up a monetary system desperately in need of repair.  769 more words

Week End Blog – China slowdown, Eurozone resilience and American windfall

Welcome to the Week End Blog. This week’s main macro number had to be Chinese GDP growth for Q3. Year-on-year GDP growth came in at 7.3%, slightly above expectations. 856 more words