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Volatility: Why it Matters

Ryan Dressel, Investment Analyst, Brinker Capital

Have you ever noticed how many commercials on TV use blind comparison tests to prove that their products are better than their competitors? 629 more words

Market Perspectives

Volatility, Nifty and analyzing your system

Trading strategies are like seasons. When the season is in full swing, the person who follows a strategy that correlates with it feels like a king and the guy who follows a strategy that is antithestis of the that feels like shit. 606 more words

Position changes.

Today, our XLB position ended the day up $388. Most of our short puts expire tomorrow and they are out of the money tonight. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. 354 more words

Can digital currencies challenge the status quo?

By Michael Jefferson:

Increasing international trade, multi-currency holding, public distrust in the banking system and a regulatory barriers that are seen to hinder the free-flow of capital. 672 more words

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Now trading XLB

XLB is in the same relative strength position as when we opened this trade. On ETFScreen.com  the XLB is second, after the SPDR Utilities fund, XLU. 460 more words

Are the Equity Markets Smelling it First?

In answer to a question that I posed previously (reposted at the bottom of this blog entry) “I really have no idea what to do now with my savings?” there is one “asset” which from present levels would return 25% if it were to revert to its 10 year average, and quite a bit more if people suddenly became interested in owning this asset in a hurry. 1,075 more words

Federal Reserve

Sunday Outing

This is a Sunday about six years ago. It was pretty emblematic of a typical weekend day with Liam.

Sunday is my one sleep in day per week. 2,741 more words