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Volcanoes Today, 22 Nov 2014: Stromboli volcano, Colima, Reventador, Dukono, Cerro Negro de Mayasquer

Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): Lava effusion seems to have stopped completely since about a week ago. Small strombolian explosions continue to occur sporadically from vents in the northern and central crater terrace at the summit. 398 more words

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Cut CO2, But What About The Environment?

Reducing CO2 emissions can carry a high cost to the environment, as explained by The Climate Skeptic.  The tradeoff is all too real because the resources available for mitigating environmental damage are scarce. 393 more words

Volcanoes Today, 19 Nov 2014: Shiveluch volcano, Sinabung, Dukono, Reventador, Copahue

Shiveluch (Kamchatka): A series of eruptions occurred during the past days from the volcano’s growing lava dome. Tokyo VAAC issued alerts about ash plumes rising up to 30,000 ft (9 km) altitude. 168 more words

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Satellite Images: Plumes from Pavlof Volcano

Acquired November 15, 2014 download large image (2 MB, JPEG, 3600×2400)

Acquired November 15, 2014 download GeoTIFF file (9 MB, TIFF)

Acquired November 15, 2014… 285 more words

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Volcanic activity worldwide 11 Nov 2014: Dukono volcano, Sabancaya volcano, Bagana, Zhupanovsky

Zhupanovsky (Kamchatka, Russia): A new phase of eruptions started on 8 Nov. An initial explosion at 21:55 (UTC) on 7 Nov produced an ash plume that rose to approx. 670 more words

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Volcanoes Today, 8 Nov 2014: Kilauea volcano, Mayon volcano, Ontake-san, Zhupanovsky

Kilauea (Hawai’i): HVO’s latest update details the areas of continuing activity as the flow field thickens and widens:
-Below Pahoa cemetery, 450m/490yd above the main village road… 669 more words

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Volcanoes Today, 7 Nov 2014: Mayon volcano, Ontake-san, Zhupanovsky

Zhupanovsky (Kamchatka, Russia): KVERT reported that the eruption at Zhupanovsky had likely finished in mid-October; satellite images last detected an explosion on 11 October and a thermal anomaly on 12 October. 204 more words

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