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DIY Volcano + Volcano of the Month + Riddles

It is my firm belief that a bored Swede left up to his own devices will sooner or later destroy the planet. Why? A bored Swede will become creative and something will blow up. 488 more words


Guest Blog: Futurevolc - The Next Step in Volcano Monitoring

Karsten Spaans is a PhD student working in the Institute of Geophysics and tectonics at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on the monitoring of volcanoes using satellite radar. 450 more words


Guest Blog: Man-Made vs. Volcanic Air Pollution

Dr Anja Schmidt is an Academic Research Fellow in the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science. Her current work involves modelling large-scale, sulphur-rich Icelandic volcanic eruptions. 1,076 more words


Hekla and the Global Positioning System

There are occasions when you as an expert in the field write something short and to the point and you expect everyone else to be able to follow you. 1,435 more words


Activity at El Hierro + Volcano of the Month

As time goes by we understand more and more about the activity under El Hierro. The Canarian Hotspot has several plumeheads reaching up under the volcanically active islands in the Island chain. 885 more words


Heimaey, Volcano of the Month & Riddles

Sometimes images tell a story far better than words can. Today we have a special treat, never before published images from the eruption at Heimaey. For those who are not familiar with this eruption it was a story of great courage as the islands population was rapidly evacuated on pretty much anything that could float on Iceland, and it is also a brave story of how they struggled to save their town and their harbor. 286 more words