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It Started With a Kiss…

So, Volcanocafé readers and kind supporters of our “Hekla:The Movie” project, the first baby steps of our momentous journey have been taken. Carl has left the world of corporate mergers to fend for itself and journeyed to Iceland to supervise the first pre-production meeting, alongside Eggert, Bergsveinn and me (Nick). 187 more words


Ruminarian VII - Mass wasting...

Okay… what is a ruminarian?   Well, figuratively, we all are.   “Ruminate” is a slang term for standing around, thinking about something.   I adopted/co-opted the word to describe our activities, in part because it’s what we do, and also due to the sheep nature of the blog, following a hapless sheep incident that someone observed on a web cam where one demonstrated it’s lack of aerodynamics during gale force winds. 1,075 more words


Friday Fact - 17th October 2014

Friday 17th October 2014

Some scientists think that the Toba supervolcanic eruption that occurred sometime between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago resulted in a genetic bottleneck in human evolution 50,000 years ago!