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Harry Potter; Reading Again And Discovering More

It has been sometime since I read or watched Harry Potter movies again for the umpteenth time. Finally my craving was too strong and I decided on a marathon reading of all the books once again and as usual I was not disappointed. 384 more words


Ladies and Gentlemen, Voldemort Has Now Left The Building

So, as you may have already seen, I’ve finally got round to reading Harry Potter. After nearly 14 years of life on this earth. Yes, I’m sorry hardcore Potter fans, I just never got round to it, and in my list of books to read, it was never near the top. 553 more words

A Teen Philosophy

I really need to sell some paintings as I'm running out of storage room

I have paintings stacked on paintings. There are a lot from a few years ago that I have never tried to exhibit, there are ones that went through earlier exhibits, and there are ones I’ve done lately but they don’t really fit into a theme. 308 more words

A Narrative Criticism of Harry Potter

Imagine you are nine years old, sitting in a classroom just big enough to fit thirty desks with a small space in the back of the room. 1,088 more words



The whole internet (read: Transformers forums) has blown up because of a new 3rd party TF combiner, Warbotron. Warbotron is a MP sized version of G1 Bruticus, made up from five different Decepticon robots. 227 more words


JK Rowling is a genius

It’s not a well known fact that┬áJ.K.Rowling spent 5 years setting up the rules of what her characters could/could not do as well as the “world” they would inhabit. 627 more words

"Scottish independence will bring Voldemort back" claims Lord Robertson

In a truly apocalyptic speech given in the United States former defence secretary and Nato chief Lord Robertson claimed that Voldemort would rise again if Scotland becomes independent. 244 more words

Evening Harold