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Almost everything is perfectly aligned here.

This is heaven. I mean, man, look at all those freaking awesome houses and the grasses dancing with the wind and those freaking fluffy clouds.

Photo taken in Volendam, 2012.



Sometimes when i feel tired, depressed or don’t know what to do, I look up to the skies to see the clouds. And I realize I am just a dust in the universe so I shut the fuck up and keep going.

Photo taken in Volendam 2012.



Never can i forget that day. Lying on the grass, worrying about nothing, just being young, wild and free.

Never will i forget the candy-like clouds, the gentle breezes and the soft-ass grasses. 14 more words



Cows. Motherfucking cows.

My buddy was wearing a fucking red tee shirt and we wonder why on earth the cows were following us. God, he is an idiot. 33 more words


Holland trip| Visit Volendam and Marken in one day

I have never been to Volendam and what comes in my mind every time I heard Volendam is : photo dressing in traditional Dutch clothing, and old village by the beach. 481 more words