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Traveling to Volendam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Once you enter this city you will notice it is a little different from the other cities in the Netherlands. It is a little more chilly and the air seems to be a little more fresh. 169 more words


Day 2: Alkmaar and Volendam

This morning we saw the opening of the Kaasmarkt in Alkmaar. It’s a traditional cheese market with fairly elaborate customs involving the weighing, transport, inspection and selling of the cheese. 306 more words

V for Volendam

Volendam is a small fishing village in North Holland, as well as a short bicycle ride from Amsterdam.  Upon entering the village, we were greeted by a small picturesque town, complete with a beautiful coastal landscape dotted with sailboats.  432 more words


Contiki European Vista Day 21: Even more Amsterdamage

May 22, 2014
I maintain that I can’t really share stories about Amsterdam nights with you, but I can tell you this: Quite a few of our number never made it down to breakfast on Day 21. 1,048 more words


A look at Volendam

Volendam is a town located in North Holland, Netherlands.

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Traveling : Hello Amsterdam #part 2


Hari kedua, I must admit I am in love with Netherland, gue selalu berpikir kalau Amsterdam akan chaos dengan turis-turis tukang giting (high in cannabis) dan pemabuk, kotanya kotor, turis-turisnya reseh, dan lain lain… 879 more words


A Dutch Field Trip (June 9, 2014)

After a lively morning learning about the context of Holland and discussing the role of hope and dreaming in social innovation and social work process.  In the afternoon, we went on a “field trip” outside of Amsterdam to view two areas that though very touristic, were still examples of life outside the city. 289 more words