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Voltex STi Done Right!

Here’s yet another car I saw on Yahoo Auctions that just stood out to me as something special. This beautiful Voltex equipped STi as had work done throughout the entire car, or what I like to call, a complete package. 158 more words


That Classic Look: Black Pearl R34 x TE37

I’ve been religiously checking out Yahoo Auctions recently for some fresh cars on sale in Japan and I’ve found quite a few gorgeous R34 GTRs as you can tell from my recent posts. 71 more words


R34 GTR x Mercury Silver CE28N: Automotive Perfection

Like I always say, when it comes to cars, more is not always better. Sometimes keeping things simple can have an amazing effect.

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"Ultra" Blue GTR

Well, I tried to be smart with the title of this post so I hope most of you guys get it lol.

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Supra Clean

This Supra has an infusion of Do-Luck, TRD, and Veilside parts that surprisingly works very well. Definitely one of the cleanest examples I’ve seen!

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Cool Blue S2

Usually when you see track cars, they’re usually filled with battle scars or scrapes and scratches, but this S2k is an incredible exception. As you can see below, I love how this S2k gets tracked out while looking clean as fuck. 28 more words