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43. Growing the Brand- Feed And Fuel America

Our lives consist of days slammed packed with “To Do’s”. It gets easy to become focused only on our lives. The truth is, there is a world outside of ours. 551 more words

53: VW In The future: The Dub Boat

The future of Volkswagen is the future of all mankind: the ocean. So far only around 10% of our planet’s oceans have been explored. What we do not know about it vastly outweighs what we do know about it. 299 more words

43: Creative Criteria - Simple

In class we went over some criteria for the things that make a really creative, great piece of advertising. The first criteria is simplicity, which means that the brand is clearly represented and the objective is clear. 278 more words

Project 54

42. Don't Suck- The Canopy

(Shout out to the canopy in the picture. That’s where it all started)

We began the weekend as strangers. The first day we exchanged glances, waiting for someone to make a move. 545 more words

10 Flavorful and Easy Fall Recipes

The leaves have fallen, temperatures are crisp, and there’s a taste of fall in the Ohio air. November is a great month for mouth-watering and hearty recipes that make this time of year both festive and fun. 455 more words


2013 Volkswagen GTI Review

2013 Volkswagen GTI Review

The 2013 Volkswagen GTI is one of the many hot hatches on the market.  Although it is quite refined compared to the others it is not the fastest nor does it handle the best.   224 more words


1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible in Miami

How much fun is it to drive topless in Miami in November? If you’re not from here, let me tell you, it’s loads of fun (and most of us rub our hands with feelings of glee knowing that there is an arctic blast not too far north). 55 more words