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Cruel and Unusual Part2

This article appeared in Ceylon Today on Wednesday August 13 2014.

An examination of  issues relating to capital punishment, continued from last week.

What Do the Philosophers Say? 1,215 more words

Ceylon Today

It's The Best Damn Catch There Is...Almost Makes You Whistle

Recently I’ve been reading Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, the novel which literally added a new word to the collected vocabulary of society. The novel remains to this day essential reading, however I note that the public education system seems hesitant to actually teach children this tricky text, though given the number of people I’ve met who are entering the field of education this doesn’t surprise me much; for every brilliant and passionate educator there is “that one” that somehow passes through the cracks, and if I must see one more person about to become an History or English teacher that doesn’t read….so help me. 2,755 more words


What do you think great thinkers 150 years ago would have considered, in the words of their contemporary, John Stuart Mill, “the vital question of the future” (that’s NOW !) ? 482 more words

Different shades of gray

An idea, thought and an action is essentially merely placed on the table available for all, the final act then is enacted by humans who acts as a medium in order for them to take place in the material world. 169 more words