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[OPINION] True Voluntarism

I recently read Harvard economics professor N. Gregory Mankiw ‘s column on The New York Times. In college, his textbooks helped me understand economics much better. 390 more words


The Conservative's Double Standard on Freedom

In a recent conversation with a conservative leaning friend on the issue of the ever controversial birth control mandate, I was fascinated by the individual in questions appeal to freedoms of employers. 371 more words


Sorry Libertarians, Capitalism Requires Government – Rebutted!


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Does capitalism require government? Only if you want monopolies, licensing, permits for lemonade stands, bail outs, and coming soon... Bail ins. Crony capitalism requires government, too. We need real markets and real freedom!

The Essence of Liberty: Property Rights and Non Aggression

The Essence of Liberty: Property Rights and Non Aggression.

This is a great blog posting over at “the Humane Condition” by @AdamBlacksburg.

Check out his other writings, too!

Welcome to FPFM!

People who know me say I’m a person with strong opinions- let’s say that’s true. I have opinions about all kinds of things. But let’s start out by saying I think most folks DO, so how how does that make me different? 270 more words

The Power of the Word "No" and Why Voluntaryism is the Future of Freedom

Just take a moment to think about what situations you might find yourself in when you say “no”. Why did you say that word? It’s just a syllable, only two letters, but it means so much. 600 more words