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Why Free Market Individuals Should be Regulating Prices, & Not the State (L35)

When observing a community of liberty-loving free marketers, one finds that success is abundant. Everyone has what they each need; there is peace and unity in a voluntaryist society such as this one. 134 more words

Government 1A

15 Ways You Are Wrong About Anarchists

I straight up snatched this from the Facebook page Strike the Root, and added my own bold and links.

15 Ways You Are Probably Wrong About…

492 more words

Day 91 - Something to think about

There is a difference between supporting people in an emotional and philosophical way (which results in individual action) and supporting them through government intervention.

One, helps change the minds of people, gives people a safe place to express their fears and concerns, and gives them other people to reach out to. 104 more words



Should you vote? Is it helpful? Does it achieve anything you want? Is it moral?  Maybe the sacred “civic duty” isn’t all we’re told.  Maybe the old saying that “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain” should actually go the other way around – “If you do vote, you can’t complain.”  Because its those who vote who keep blindly choosing between preselected lesser of two evils; who keep granting legitimacy to the maniacs; who give sanction to every awful thing governments do.   311 more words

Can there be free will? Eight answers

Complicated questions tend to need complicated answers. How about this: Assuming the world is deterministic, can there be free will?

No, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, and yes. 731 more words


Day 85 - When did anyone ever say life was fair?

That’s all I want to yell anytime I get into hypothetical arguments about a stateless society, voluntarism, libertarianism, or economics. That’s all I can think when people complain or rebuke these concepts by saying that it wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t be fair. 86 more words


HELP fight Ebola, word after word

Ebola: A Crisis of Communications Over and over again, aid workers report that people do not have the knowledge they need to contain this deadly disease. 335 more words