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A few quick questions

Can I opt out of paying taxes for things which I consider immoral?

What would happen if I withheld the portion of my taxes that goes to fund the killing of children elsewhere in the world? 22 more words

Response to Thomas Picketty and Mises' "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality" by Andrew B. Wilson

I recently had the pleasure of reading this essay at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute website. While I agree with at least some of the general gist of the piece I found the parts I disagreed with worthy of commenting on. 1,336 more words


The one question political quiz

It is ok to use violence or the threat of violence to force my peaceful neighbor to do as I say:

a) whenever I want… 23 more words

My Marijuana Proposal: Legalize the Black Market

I am happy to see various states going forward with legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana. I believe cannabis and various other drugs should be available to anyone wishing to use them. 378 more words


Political questions

Would you approach your neighbor, who is harming no one, and use physical force to make them do what you demand? Would you hire some random guy off the street to threaten them?  22 more words

Because of The Dougy Center

Last week marked a milestone in my involvement with The Dougy Center. After six years on the board of directors, I attended my last board meeting. 811 more words