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Democracy Journal: Opinion: Mike Konczal: "The Voluntarism Society Myth": The Advantages of a Public/Private Social Insurance System

Private Charity

Democracy Journal: Opinion: Mike Konczal: The Voluntarism Fantasy

I was waiting to read from Mike Konczal in his piece some call for nationalizing private charity and completely nationalizing private charity all together and giving the Federal Government complete control over the charity system in the United States. 337 more words

War On Poverty

Objections to Patents and Copyrights

Patents, copyrights and trade secrets, and other forms of so called “intellectual property” are simply government granted monopolies. If others can use an idea you claim credit for as well as you can, they should be allowed to compete with you. 896 more words



Some people blame individualism, or even selfishness, for all the evil of the world. What such people don’t realize is that if they follow that kind of thinking, they should take that blame as well, for they are individuals and do things the way every individual do. 778 more words

Cheap Philosophy

Embracing, Living, and Maintaining the Anarchocapitalist Worldview

Becoming an anarchist was quite painful, being an anarchist can be tiring at times and maintaining this view: I sure hope I will. This article is mainly inspired by Jeffrey Tucker’s… 3,061 more words