Do Volunteers Have Privacy? Naaah!

Do volunteers have a right to privacy? While we’re on the subject, how much privacy do we, employees have? What can employers divulge about us and what should we divulge about our volunteers? 691 more words

Introducing Hilary Stefanelli – Volunteer Co-ordinator East Staffordshire

I started working on the Cancer Advocacy Project in January and I am in the process of establishing the Project in a new area – East Staffordshire, including Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth. 272 more words


Here at Casa de los Ángeles we are about half way through construction of our new volunteer house. Today I had the chance to walk through the site again and go up to the second story (and stand in my future bedrooom!) for the first time. 563 more words

Casa De Los Angeles

Sloppy Slippery Slope

Who doesn’t hate being wrong? I certainly do, because it makes me, well, wrong. I hate being wrong about football picks, hate being wrong about that Sushi restaurant being open on Monday, and I hate being wrong about the dreamy guy that I recommended to fix my friend’s air conditioner. 887 more words

Clash of the Titans

For a very long time, volunteer manager Dina enjoyed this incredible on top of the world feeling. She ran a thriving charity shop which not only brought in money for her organization, but also became a symbol of successful volunteer involvement in her town. 849 more words

My Big Fat New Year's Resolution

So, 2015 is upon us and it is time to make some volunteer management New Year’s Resolutions. I can imagine what you’re thinking, because you too, have read how we all set ourselves up to fail each time we do this annual reinventing of ourselves in rituals much like throwing salt over your shoulder or knocking on wood. 1,120 more words

La navidad mexicana- la posada

Well, I have written 65 posts for this blog and my messy word document where I draft all of my posts is now over 40, 000 words. 1,175 more words

San Miguel De Allende