I'm Going to Be Locked in a Room With a Naked Man?

Oh, those odd requests. You know, the ones that can either make you cry or seek therapy. We get them all the time and our volunteers can sometimes just walk into them. 978 more words

Meet Two New Staff: Our Director of Women's Empowerment and Volunteer Coordinator

 Diana Sierra, Director of Women’s Empowerment

We are excited to welcome Diana Sierra to the YWCA as our new Director of Women’s Empowerment. Diana will oversee our… 794 more words

Ywca Of Asheville

The Volunteer Manager Mind or Volunteer Beef Wellington

After all these years, I still believe that everyone has the potential to help, that anyone is capable of becoming a great volunteer. I still think that each and every person who expresses just a hint of maybe perhaps it might be possible sometime later if I kinda sorta could be interested for only a wee bit of time is going to be the next volunteer of the year. 671 more words

Did You Steal My Idea?

I was reading the Sunday paper and came across an article on a local man who volunteers. It was the predictable template that press articles post about a volunteer who has spent five decades shelving library books or is still volunteering at the age of 100. 1,021 more words

Upstairs, Downstairs Priming

Hannah is a volunteer coordinator at a large hospital system. She oversees many programs, from the gift shop volunteers to pet therapy, afghan makers and information desk greeters. 717 more words

Of All Things, Teeth Cleaning

I just got my teeth cleaned. After Corey, the hygienist and I catch up on each other, I kinda use the time to close my eyes and think, usually about all the things I’ve forgotten to do. 959 more words

Ragazza su una missione (Girl on a Mission)

Hi everyone, my name is Mitzi Brown and I am the Volunteer Coordinator at Shelterhouse of Midland County. I am so glad to finally begin writing our blog.   178 more words