Volunteering's Big But

Chad is a volunteer for a public school system. A retired engineer, he has been working with students in the same fourth grade classroom for many years. 989 more words

The Facts and Figures of American Volunteering

Another wonderful video on how much volunteering helps our community. Even though volunteering is at an all time high, many non-profits and still looking for members. 102 more words


And the Award Goes to...

Periodically people send me forms to nominate a volunteer for some sort of recognition and award. Immediately I think, “oh good, a chance to showcase the volunteers,” then I start to mentally scroll through the volunteers, looking for that perfect one to nab that coveted engraved plaque. 930 more words

What We Believe at Hospice Advantage

Our Beliefs

It is the belief of hospice that while death is a natural occurrence, dying itself can be a major life crisis. The hospice team believes in the innate value of human life, in the potential for self-growth during and after times of crisis, and in the right of each human being to freedom of choice.

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Unpaid Internship

Are you looking for an internship for next semester? Do you want to know how the hospice system works? Are you interested in helping out me, the volunteer coordinator? 184 more words


Welcome Mhairi, Fast Forward's New Volunteer Coordinator

I’m Mhairi, and this week I’ve taken over the lovely Chiara’s role of Volunteers Coordinator!

I’ve been a volunteer here at Fast Forward for the last year and have had the most incredible experience. 458 more words

Fast Forward

Book Three: Toni Martin, Volunteer Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Chatham-Kent

Toni Martin, Volunteer Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Chatham-Kent

Connecting with a mentor is an important part of succeeding in life. While many of us are blessed with parents or guardians that have the time and skills to guide us towards our greater selves, not every child has that opportunity. 646 more words

Book Three