The Wheelwright vs. The Pioneer

On the door of Chief Executive Officer Cynthia Obsole’s office is a sign that says, “kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless”. 800 more words

How Did I Get Here?

The car door shut. I playfully admonished the volunteer sitting next to me in the front seat. “Make sure you buckle up, “I said, smiling. I was taking my volunteer, Rod to his doctor’s appointment, something I had done before. 826 more words

F.U.N. Foolish, Unproductive Nonsense

When Carrie accepted a position as a volunteer manager, she wasn’t sure if her degree in human resources management would translate well into her new job. 958 more words

A Professional Rejection is Still a Rejection

Jeremy has been managing volunteers for several years at an organization that helps disabled veterans. A social worker, Jeremy spends about 10 hours a week working with volunteers who help veterans find housing and medical care. 917 more words

Happy International Volunteer Manager (Leader) Day!


While doing some research, I came across this comparison between a manager and a leader and that got me thinking about our jobs. Are we managers or leaders or both? 900 more words

Where the Heck is My Paper Shredding Volunteer?


So, we all know there is a paradigm shift happening in volunteer management. As the WWII generation sadly leaves us, we are looking to the baby boomer generation and on to fill their prodigious shoes. 1,066 more words

CAREER PROFILE: Volunteer Coordinator

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Health & Wellness? Here is an example of health career you might not have considered. Mary from Wellington Terrace is a Volunteer Coordinator. 15 more words