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VSO training

So, it’s exactly a year today that I found out that VSO thought I had what it took to be a volunteer. And what a year it’s been! 72 more words


Day Seven Hundred and Eighty Three of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Early Run to UBC

I woke up early this morning to run to my weekly volunteer gig at UBC. Although the rain is supposed to have stopped by today, it still looked rainy. 521 more words

8O: Campground Hosts at Ocean Pond & Olustee Beach

Date Added: 07/25/2014 Location: Sanderson , FL Description:

For a lucky few, the perfect camping option is serving as a volunteer campground host. The year-round, short-term post, which can last from six months to one year, offers a free campsite in exchange for 25 hours a week of work. 63 more words

Lorne Coyle

8O: Visitor Depot Public Information

Date Added: 07/25/2014 Location: Sanderson, FL Description:

Volunteers needed on the Osceola National Forest to man the Olustee Depot, a visitor center off of US Highway 90 in Olustee Florida. 82 more words

Lorne Coyle

8O: Maintenance

Date Added: 07/25/2014 Location: Sanderson, FL Description:

Volunteer needed to assist with maintenance at the Osceola National Forest. Carpentry skill needed, valid drivers license, ability to use hand tools. 71 more words

Lorne Coyle

8O: Equestrian / Trails Volunteer

Date Added: 07/25/2014 Location: Sanderson, FL Description:

Currently seeking equestrian volunteer to assist in updating signage, horse trail maintenance, campsite maintenance with some minimal construction ability at West Tower. 68 more words

Lorne Coyle

6S: CAPE PERPETUA Info Booth Host- August-2014

Date Added: 07/25/2014 Location: Yachats, OR Description:

May 2015. Host couple is needed to staff information booth in the gorgeous Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

We are looking for a host couple to help staff the Devils Churn Infomation Booth, starting August 2or so thru til September 8, 2014. 59 more words

Lorne Coyle