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Volunteer Stories: Ashley Wang

Ashley Wang: Taiwan

Ashley volunteered in rural Taiwan in an Aboriginal village during her university studies and was awesome enough to share an essay she wrote about her experiences. 18 more words


Dish Washing at 21 Acres -- Can It Be Fun?

Yes!  If you’re looking for something fun and different to do this summer- come volunteer in the 21 Acres kitchen! Learn about sustainable and energy saving practices, how to cook healthy meals with local and seasonal foods, and the environmentally conscious way to wash dishes; all while helping out your community and a great cause! 203 more words

May the volunteering force be with you

Volunteering has always been a passion of mine and throughout my life I have always tried to do some form of volunteer work, whether that be donating my time, skills, clothes, blankets etc. 574 more words


Tanzania diary: July 5

Sifaeli Kaaya has seen many situations go from good to bad to worse during his long tenure as Chairman of the Ufani Primary School Committee. He has seen even more situations move in the opposite direction. 967 more words


A Great Day Volunteering At The SF-Marin Food Bank

When Katie Mason told me she was celebrating her birthday by asking friends to volunteer with her at the SF-Marin Food Bank, I thought it was THE coolest idea (and instantly made me feel guilty that I’ve never thought of, much less done, any kind of service on my birthdays.   326 more words


Humanitarian / Hip Hop

Both require that you pour your whole life into it.  Both require you to do it for free (in the form of either mixtapes or volunteering) until you can convince a major label/NGO to pay for your efforts.   71 more words

Peace Corps in My Own Words

This post is in response to the recent NY Times article on the death of Nick Castle, a volunteer serving in China at the same time I was serving in Mongolia. 533 more words