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Christmas gifts at Jiwa Damai: Heart-Self Intelligence Seminar

We are all searching. We travel around the world, we talk to people, we experience new situations, we learn and we do all these things in order to make peace with ourselves, with our heart, in order to align with our potential. 93 more words

Jiwa Damai

I'll cross that bridge when I come to it

Well my time volunteering and teaching english at the slum school is up. It’s a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand I’m beyond excited to start backpacking south India.  475 more words

Week 34 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons

I was meant to post this a week ago but times got away with me given its Christmas and all! Any way here is my post about last week’s volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons. 197 more words

Hubble Sees the Beautiful Side of Galaxy IC 335

This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the galaxy IC 335 in front of a backdrop of distant galaxies. IC 335 is part of a galaxy group containing three other galaxies, and located in the Fornax Galaxy Cluster 60 million light-years away. 302 more words

Marilyn Gardner Milton

So this is Christmas

No matter what holiday you wrap your arms around, I love and appreciate that.  I personally celebrate Yule.  That’s what resonates for me.  However, this year, I’ve decided to embrace Christmas in addition to my traditions. 884 more words


Numbers Are In

It is wonderful to know that we continue to touch the lives of many cancer patients.

I am excited to announce that our numbers are in for the year. 86 more words

Cancer Patients

Yes, Virginia I Need to Know There is a Santa Claus

So many years ago, the famous New York Sun editorial of 1897 answered this letter from eight year old Virginia O’Hanlon:
I am 8 years old. 1,009 more words