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Joining the team at Upton House and Gardens

Who are you and why do you like Upton House and Gardens?

I am Kate and I love being part of the friendly Upton team, sharing the fascinating history of this house, and the family who lived in it, with visitors from all over the world. 453 more words


Four things I was surprised to learn from being a Girl Scout Leader

That I can accept failure

My involvement as a Girl Scout volunteer started out simply enough. I was asked to manage the Daisy troop checking account.  1,121 more words

A true overachiever in the volunteering field

Dear reader,

this week I’d like to introduce you to one very interesting girl who also happens to be another vivid example of a do-gooder. Her name is Margita Kolcheva, Junior at the… 776 more words

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red...

…A line in the will of a Derbyshire man who joined up in the earliest days of the war and died in Flanders. Knowing that everyone was dead and he was surrounded by blood, the man wrote: ‘The Blood Swept lands and seas of red, where angels fear to tread.’ From this line came the idea for 888,246 poppies, one for each British or Colonial military fatality during the First World War. 191 more words

The Year Before I Turned Thirty

Bearly average volunteering at a film festival and lessons learned

At the beginning of the second week in September Festival of Slovenian Film (Slovenian: Festival slovenskega filma) took off to a very exciting start. Happening on the Slovenian seaside, more precisely in Portorož, it screened the best of the most recent production in Slovenia, and a few co-productions. 551 more words

When to Let Go

I don’t know anyone who enjoys telling people who depend on you “No.” Sometimes though, taking a step back, allows someone else to take a step forward. 299 more words


Guess what?!

I did it! I planned a few things to do this weekend. I reached out to my mom, who is retired and now volunteers for all kinds of things to include, ushering at plays, pouring wine at wine festivals, preparing food for people with life challenging illnesses, and handing out water, refreshments and prizes at biking and running races. 46 more words

Empty Nest