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Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Why I prefer voluptuous woman

To me skinny or athletic females are a turn off. I do not want to see the woman’s skeleton or muscles. Now I must confess my first wife was skinny and boney before she gave birth, but I adored her post birth body. 111 more words


Introduction (let me know if I should continue this story)

There are many nicer sounding ways to say overweight for example; rotund, or curvaceous, slightly on the heavier side, or even voluptuous. The truth is; this guy was just fat, and standing two feet away from me he smelled of sweat and urine. 50 more words

5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Curvaceous Woman

Whoops! Touchy Topic,..(I know.) I am only referring to the physical and sensual advantage of dating a curvy lady.  

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After the years of repression came the years of terrible voluptuous over-indulgence

After the years of repression, came the years of terrible voluptuous over-indulgence. Now I am sick of it, and want something real.


We have a great selection of hanging baskets right now! One might even say amazing! They are colorful, bright, beautiful and one might even say voluptuous! 46 more words

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