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The Goddess of the Future Fates

The Gods in Asgard seemed to sleep
Or turn their minds away
As Danish widows moan and weep
The Noki dance and sway

They sought to change the fate of men… 621 more words

Being Human.

Bad Dreams of the Beloved One

Towards the end of the Elder Edda (at least in the edition I have), is a short poem called “Balder’s Dreams” in which Odin journeys to the underworld, Hel, to determine why his son, Balder, is plagued with ominous dreams. 470 more words

Norse Mythology

A Saga Untold

A saga untold
About to unfold
Freedoms roar
Dragons soar

A völva’s gaze
Cutting through the haze
Golden snake uncurls
Protecting the Earth

Silent creation… 28 more words