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having a weird day and just writing????... :

You sit behind my eyes and say nothing. You move

this hand

with your silver offerings, bring air into this
mouth, and still
I don’t feel, but maybe… 151 more words

The Morning After.

A low, strangled groan rumbles through the air punctuated only by a razor-sharp rhythmic warbling. White knuckle fists repeatedly to the temples. Every sin I’ve ever committed thunders in the void behind my bloodshot eyes, forces them to bulge out of my face even more than they usually do. 1,145 more words


I guess it’s not easy to digest all I’ve puked up recently.


Bulimia Tips

Gue bakal share tentang tips2 bulimia atau cara memuntahkan makanan. Bukan gue ngesupport bulimia ya, gue bahkan mau berhenti, tapi gue cuma share aja apa yang dilakuin ketika binging-purging. 487 more words


Advent Trivia Day 19:

Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov was the first person to vomit in space.

Advent Trivia

A Bad BAD Afternoon

On Sunday our house was hit with illness. My little man, T, threw up a dozen times in almost 24 hours but he never ran a fever. 818 more words