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This Is Only The Beginning...

I am writing today to tell you that whoever came up with the asinine name “morning sickness” is an evil, demented individual.

More like morning, noon, night, and twice on Sundays sickness! 324 more words

Life In General

Thankful Thursday: Nature's Miracle

Maybe this isn’t the best topic in the world, but I have to tell you, pee happens. So does poop… and well… so does puke. 116 more words


Confessions of Incompetent Party Girl Part One: The Spark


It took me 16 years for me to realize that I wasn’t a people person. My endeavors to fit in up to that point have all ended disastrously. 561 more words


Chapter 7, Part 2

62. The Morning After – Part II

The first obstacle Fred faced was the pile of beer cans beneath him. Had he legs Fred would have kicked the cans aside, a thought which refueled Fred’s self-loathing. 71 more words

Sneak peak at the book number 2: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with ALL DAY sickness.

Talk about a chore that just makes every ounce of your body ill.

I had the great fortune of being in my first trimester when it was time to prepare my first Thanksgiving Dinner all by myself. 486 more words

Chapter 7, Part 1

61. The Morning After: Part I

The morning sun burned in Fred’s left eye. He focused his vision and surveyed his surroundings.

“Oh man…”

The kitchen was destroyed. 78 more words