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Black Bean Ebola

“Do you want to get Ebola?”

“Excuse me?”

“Ebola! Do you want to get Ebola?

This patron is trying to jokey joke
with me but I want him to get to… 155 more words


Histoires de vomi...

  • Dog vomiting on x-ray (gross, but fascinating!)
  • Vomiting Larry“, a simulated, humanoid vomiting system whose purpose is to help with research into Norovirus and other infections involving projectile vomiting.


Cool Stuff

The thoughts that go through my head at 3:00am

At 3:00 am, when all the house is asleep, and I of course cannot sleep, there’s a lot of random thoughts that come into my brain. 268 more words

Un-related Random Thoughts- Volume 36 (just go with it. 36 sounds impressive)

Okay, it’s time. No more trolling about on other blogs. No more tending to the poorly thought out ramblings of others. It’s me time. My poor brain has been binging on intellectual garbage, and it’s time to purge. 418 more words

Enquiring Minds Want To Know!

Since I’m currently feeling under the weather with an annoying cold (as you already know Agathe because I chatted with you earlier), I feel like the post couldn’t be more properly timed with the elements. 351 more words

Good Morning Monday, and Good Morning Vomit!

Good morning Monday, and greetings to the last week of October.  We are still blessed with temperatures of highs in the low 80s and high 70s.   658 more words