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Bleaching coffee cups

It was a school holiday when I was about thirteen and I was at home with Becca and Madison. I seem to remember it being the long six week summer break but despite this the wall that housed the fireplace in the living room was adorned with and gold wrapping paper. 364 more words


Evil Dead

Evil Dead (2013)

The sheer amount of blood (supposedly) in this single movie exceeds that of a large number of gore franchises altogether.
A near perfect reinterpretation of what made the original Evil Dead (1981, Sam Raimi classic, and one of my personal favourites) so funny (yes, its true), terrifying and absurd. 154 more words


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“Jesus man, I just—“

A black sedan roars up the driveway and rides hard – with a sudden lurching crump – into the pack of cars blocking forecourt. 363 more words


Confession #5: I'm a teacher at heart

Hey, I just realized that I started this blog one year ago this month. I thought I was going to go all “confession” on you in the beginning, but here it is one year later and I’ve only let loose four confessions. 375 more words


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The room likely isn’t moving nearly as much as Bob imagines, but he isn’t comfortable. The clutches of people rushing back and forth, the angry bunchings at the long counter, the increasingly frazzled staff leaning forward under their waxy hairstyles, the turning of his stomach. 300 more words


Word Vomit

You want to be skinny
You want to look pretty
You want to have the best
You want to be the best
You want the car… 246 more words


for the drunken vomit.

this is going to be fun. i have named the blog “some drunken babbling” because 1- i don’t care , 2-i really, really don’t. , 3- i am a typo-er. 46 more words