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Dear Puking Cat,

It’s not that I hate you for puking.

It’s just that I hate that you puke.

Therefore, I kind of hate you for puking.

Nothing long term, of course, but when I’m in the middle of cleaning up your intestinal sewage, it’s kind of hard not to hate you. 295 more words


My BFF: Vomit

Whenever I want to be sick, I just think of the time I used eyebrow tweezers gouge out what I thought was some kind of sand deposit from my belly button. 647 more words

5 Awkward Moments You'll Experience in College

So you’ve managed to make it this far. You’ve gathered a group of survivors- err…I mean, “friends” and you are slowly making your way through your first year at college. 1,423 more words


A Hard Lesson

Warning: this post does not exemplify staying principled.  As I mentioned in a much earlier post, I make no claim to being an exemplar of good values.  528 more words


Repeated Stupidity

As a dog goes back to its vomit, so a fool repeats his stupidity. -Proverbs 26:11


Dog Poo Bags

I was told to expect a gippy tummy with my radiotherapy. I have mentioned this before. I interpreted the side effect to mean runny poo, maybe lots of poop, but regardless, I took gippy tummy to be bowel based activity. 551 more words


Realpolitik and Paint

Amidst the backstage politicking of a mediaeval state Machiavelli sat for an official portrait.  He was poised, serious.  “How do I appear?” he asked the painter, who craned around the easel. 111 more words

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