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Really awful amounts of voms

Oh yeah. So much vomiting, from everyone in the flat, except for the adults, and the dog, who have remained mysteriously unscathed. So much late night shrieking, followed by padding little footsteps, through the door, into the living room, onto the only place we have a floor covering, the Turkish rug we hauled back from Kas, where there have been projectile vomits like you wouldn’t have thought possible. 747 more words

Embrace the Ick

Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.

********************** 429 more words

Daily Prompt

Nausea Mechanics!

I’m working on a series of blogs to detail my cruise experiences last week, but I was thrilled to come sailing home and get back in touch with the connected world.  268 more words

Tim Braun

One step forward, two steps back

In my last post I mentioned I had bad nausea after my endoscopy. It would occasionally go away for a few hours, then return.

Last Saturday night I was craving chocolate, and not seeing any safe chocolate in the apartment. 515 more words


One Sick Puppy

I caught a nasty bug last weekend.  Stopped me in my tracks but it couldn’t stop this inner monologue.  Here are some random thoughts I had when I was feeling like garbage.   924 more words


Vomit, 3am
Chunks of carrots returning
Into open air

Things you must do with your best friends this year...because we did it last year!

Go on a trip.

It doesn’t have to be far! We went to Kauai and made an adventure out of it. The second one we did was with our complete group of friends and we went to GUAM! 215 more words