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Bulimia and Handsoap

To stray from the normal “This is me, this is my life” early posts–

I, like every other woman in the world, have this issue with my weight. 634 more words

ABC's of Parenting: V is for Vomit

I have to thank Gluestick Mum and her post this week about kids and vomit¬†for this edition of the ABC’s of parenting. Vomit is an immutable fact of the life of a parent. 559 more words

Family Life

Vomiting for myself.

no matter
how much i vomit,
there will be someone
spewing more.
well, at least
i can call these
chunks my own.


Gym Class Faux Pas

Dear man on bike in front of me in spin class. Your cologne is making me sick. Please wear less next time or I may throw up on you. 313 more words

Puking Inside A San Francisco Taxicab Can Earn You A $100 Vomit Cleaning Fee

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Getting into a San Francisco taxi cab while nauseatingly drunk may cost you plenty if you can’t keep it down. 122 more words


The 'Joys' of Parenting: Nocturnal Vomiting

19 years and four children. From the first meconium poo onwards there’s a lot of bodily fluid that needs to be mopped and wiped and washed from bedding. 647 more words

Family Life


What we have here is “an¬†enormous amount of evidence” that SecState John Kerry is lying his ass off. Regarding Malaysian Flight MH17 being shot down by pro-Russian Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine? 268 more words

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