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Making Your Low Budget Book Trailer Interesting

A book trailer you make on a small budget can be as captivating and entertaining as one that costs thousands to make, but you have to be ready to invest a good deal of time on effort on it. 377 more words


DIY Voodoo Doll Project

This pattern is perhaps one of my favorites purchased from Urban Threads. I used felt to create this DIY voodoo doll, making it an easy and changeable design. 16 more words

DIY Crafts

Boyfriend of the past, part deux


How nice would it be hanging on a yacht and drinking mojito on the beach during the Holidays vs sneaking into Magic kingdom to hang with Chris Evans and his Mom? 98 more words

Wooden Dolls

In Voodoo wooden dolls represent the twin that has passed away, usually this happens at birth. After this the child will carry a little wooden doll with them at all times, day and night. 62 more words


It says nothing about the things that haunt me

Model: Joe Veloso

Make up: William Cruz

Styling: João França


Voodoo Doll

Gina Christine you are so mean,
I know just what I’ll do,
I’m gonna get a voodoo doll,
That will look just like you.

I’ll stick some needles in it’s neck, 166 more words


Experiments within experiments

I hear the long thin metal rod slicing though tissue and sinew till it glances off a bone, and then… I feel it. The pain is not new. 325 more words